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Found Frolicking has a social media following of over 14,000 across different platforms, and would love to help bring attention to your brand and all it has to offer. Influence marketing has proven to provide 11x the ROI that other forms of advertising deliver. Reviews are generally promoted on the blog, Facebook, and Twitter. But they may also be promoted on Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube when applicable. Below you will find all the details for our household (giving you an idea of the types of products we are able to review), and necessary information about product reviews. Thank you for considering Found Frolicking. We look forward to working with you!

The review team:

- Lalia (myself)

- Jay: My wonderful book-loving husband

- Little E: Our 4-year-old toddler son

- Little V: Our 1-year-old toddler daughter

I've always been passionate and loyal when it comes to products I love. There have been so many times where I've been standing in a store, and raving about a product to my husband or a friend, and others will listen in and even ask questions. I literally sell that product on the spot to a fellow consumer!

I am a work-at-home mother and I love creating content and sharing product reviews (and giveaways). Books (fiction and non-fiction), music, eco-friendly products, organic and/or natural foods and products, tea, and all things baby are just some of the things I especially love.

I am the sole writer and manager of Found Frolicking. In the past, I have worked with wonderful companies such as Whole Foods, Mattel, Gerber, the Moby Wrap company, Majesta, Bravado Designs, Action Baby Carriers, Momzelle, Huggies, and so many more!

Currently all review and giveaways (when accompanying a review) are frequently free of charge so long as the value of the item(s) provided is/are a minimum of $250 when the product has a fairly permanent nature (long-term product such as a high chair, clothing, etc.). A fee, dependent on a number of factors, is charged for reviews of perishable products with a temporary nature such as food, soaps, and cleaning supplies. A fee of $75 (or more) will apply to all reviews with a giveaway where the received item(s) are under $125 value. A $100 fee often applies to standalone giveaways that have no review if the value of the item(s) being given away is less than a $50 value.

All products once mailed become the property of Found Frolicking and will not be returned. Reviews may take approximately four months in order to be able to provide a well-rounded review, to see how an item holds up to repeated use. As well as to ensure that you are provided with a well-written review that includes quality photos.

Please note that giveaways can be done for companies willing to sponsor a giveaway, at no charge when accompanying a review. But the delivery of a prize to the winner will be the responsibility of the company sponsoring.

If you have a family-friendly product you would like to be reviewed on Found Frolicking, please contact me!

Current position #239 on Picket Fence Blogs out of 5,073 blogs. (2016/11/18)

On Top Mommy Blogs, Found Frolicking holds the #6 spot in the Eco-Friendly category. (2016/11/18)

If you have any comments or questions about the blog, you would like to advertise on the blog, or you are a company who would like to have your product reviewed by Found Frolicking, please get in touch with me from the contact page. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

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