Would you like to work with Found Frolicking to sponsor a post or advertise your business? If regarding a product review, please visit the PR Information page. If you would like to purchase an advertising space, please refer to the information below.

Guest posts are one of the advertising options we offer. A guest post or sponsored post with pre-written content (provided to me by the brand), is available for a fee depending on the content and how quickly it needs to be posted. A typical review of a service where no product is being provided is available for a $110 fee, but may vary depending on the product and timing. All fees must be paid through Paypal. Payment in gift cards is also an option, which can be discussed further through email. In compliance with the criteria set by a variety of search engines, all links on sponsored and guest posts will be made nofollow. This is to protect Found Frolicking as well as to protect your brand from being penalized by Google.

Please note that in the interest of the integrity of the blog, all advertising content and sources must be family friendly. In addition, advertisements will only be approved if the content is believed by Found Frolicking to be of interest to the readers.

All advertisements are done in the sidebar. They must be 200x200 in order to keep the blog look clean and uniform. This is also done with the interest of the advertisers in mind, since it means your advertisement will have an equal opportunity for attention as other advertisements and blog sponsors.

Pricing for advertisements:

$50 for a 1-month period
$120 for a 3-month period
$175 for a 6-month period
$250 for a 1-year period

Advertisements must be a simple button with a single image, and must not flash words or switch to different pictures. Advertiser is expected to provide the file for the advertisement button for the cost above. A button advertisement can be designed and created for you, however, at an additional cost.


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