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What's missing? Believe your eyes. Do you see it? Blood donations play an absolutely vital role in saving lives, with 1 in every 7 individuals who enter a hospital requiring a blood transfusion. In the United States alone, that breaks down to one patient every 2 seconds. Donating blood becomes even more essential and critical during the summer months when donations of blood drop approximately 20%. This summer, we urge you to make blood donations part of your summer activities. Whether you have never donated before, you have not donated for some time, or you donate blood regularly.

Taking the time to make a whole blood donation requires a minimal amount of time and effort, and yet can save up to three people! Making the time to donate blood at your local blood center is such an incredible way to make a difference. An individual can donate blood once every 56 days, that is six times each year---and potentially 18 lives saved! Donated blood is responsible for saving millions of lives each year, all thanks to generosity of people just like you and me. The chances are that someone in your life is alive today due to someone who donated blood---a family member or friend who was diagnosed with cancer and underwent chemotherapy, an expectant or new parent and/or their child, and those who live every day with challenging health conditions.

Donating blood is more convenient than ever! At my nearest blood center, for example, Blood Centers of the Pacific, is able to offer free rides to donors within the city limits of San Francisco through Uber Health for a limited time. This amazing service is made possible by a community grant. The ride to and from either San Francisco blood center location can be booked in advance by the donor at the same time as the appointment for their blood donation by calling 1-888-393-GIVE. Learning about all of the ways Blood Centers of the Pacific makes a difference in the San Francisco bay area was an enlightening and inspiring experience. This grant and what it has made possible is such a great example of the ways that technology can bring us together for the common good. You can find out which services are provided by your local blood bank by using the locator on this website.

Life would, quite literally, not be the same without A, B, AB, and O blood types. No matter your blood type, your donation matters. Hospitals can be flooded with patients during natural disasters, and staff rely on the blood they have on the shelves to save them. The donations we make can help blood centers be at the ready and prepared no matter what is to come. Let us come together. We can make a difference! So now the question is: Will you help? 

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  1. I take medications that will not allow me to donate anymore. Even when I was donating I did not realize the severe need including right here in our country. I'll pass on the message.

  2. very important to donate whenever possible, great need arises and without enough it could be devastating

  3. Whenever I see a blood drive, I am immediately saddened that I can not give. I do not weigh enough unfortunately. Maybe one day!

  4. What a unique way to share the importance of donating blood. I love it. I have been planning on finding a place to donate near me and this just pushes me to do it even more.

  5. I have never donated blood but considered doing so many times. I know people need transfusion and it is easier and faster if people donate

  6. How I wished I could donate blood as often as possible to the Red Cross, but since I am anemic and I went to 3 CS operations, I am not allowed to. (Majoy)