We Are Good2Go: Family Adventures in San Francisco

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Only a few weeks ago, I found myself in a predicament. The type of predicament that has become uncomfortably present in my life, however unwelcome it may be. I was spending the day with my kids in East Bay solo, and I was ready to head home when I realized all at once that I needed to find a restroom. Pronto. I did a mental rundown of all the nearby businesses with which I am familiar, and tried to take inventory of which ones had restrooms and which ones did not. Of course, it is at this time I remember that restrooms are far and few between. The ones I can fit our Mountain Buggy stroller into being even more scarce. Inevitably, I found myself running (and let's be honest, with two toddlers this mostly consisted of me trying to encourage them to run by walking briskly, only to backtrack while they catch up) to a business blocks away, hoping they would remember I was in there earlier and that they would count this as still being a customer that was permitted to use their "Customers Only" bathroom facilities.

Well, traveling in the bay area just got a whole lot better for both me and you! Good2Go has recently launched in San Francisco, providing residents and visitors alike with the opportunity to remove the stress of a clean and convenient restroom stop during your adventures---both great and small. As soon as I heard about the launch of this phone app, I knew we had to test drive the service. The convenience of Good2Go offers the freedom to map out your trip ahead of time, with planned pitstops for bathroom breaks, or to explore free range, and pull up the app any time, anywhere---as soon as you realize nature is calling. Me and my two toddlers rode BART into the city, and we embarked on our little adventure from Embarcadero Station. We walked over to the Ferry Building to attend the weekly Saturday Farmer's Market. Settling on some takeout goodies from Imperial Tea Court to satisfy our appetites, we headed over to Pier 14 to look out over the water while we dug into our crispy spring rolls and I savored a Hong Kong iced tea. Both of my children enjoyed watching the water slap into the pier wall from our suspended location over the water. Steady winds carried the smell of the salty water into our clothes, through our hair, and right into our lungs. There was just enough sunshine to keep the weather from feeling too cool. Despite spending nearly my whole life in San Francisco, it dawned on me that I was not familiar with the pier anywhere below the Ferry Building. A situation I suddenly had the urge to rectify. My toddlers begged to stop at the giant bow and arrow, so I took a photo of them together in front of Cupid's Span. We meandered down along the water, stopping periodically to admire the view.

Heading into uncharted territory, it seemed wise for me to steak out a restroom somewhere along the way. I brought up the Good2Go app, and looked up the nearest location. Bingo! In the direction we were walking, I would only have to walk a few blocks off of our intended path to reach a Good2Go in the area, located inside The Creamery. So, off we went. Following the directions on the Good2Go app, it was very easy to find the location. This particular Good2Go was directly across from the Caltrain Station. As soon as we were approaching The Creamery, the app detected that we had arrived to our destination, and invited me to reserve my place in line so that the restroom was already waiting for me when I found my way to the restrooms inside the establishment. I flashed the barcode under the nifty scanner, heard a beep, and the door gently swung open of its own accord. There was ample room to maneuver my limousine of a stroller into the bathroom with ease, and I did not have to worry about juggling the weight of a door to hold it open in order to push the stroller in and out. The facilities were spacious, very clean (from floor to ceiling), and boasting some very impressive technology that doesn't end with the door scanner. I was pleased to see how well-maintained it was, even down to the changing table, which did not have a speck of dirt or any mess left behind from previous users. Especially as a parent, I appreciated the toilet flush feature, which allows you to manually flush the toilet by waving your hand over the toilet tank---without every coming in contact with the toilet at all. The sink was equipped with a Dyson dual faucet/hand dryer, and a motion sensor allows you to have the door open for you automatically. My son, in particular, was fascinated by the set-up of the Good2Go restroom, and completely enthusiastic about testing out the motion sensors. It was a huge bonus that this service was offered inside a coffee bar, bistro, and full bar establishment so that we could grab snacks or beverages. After our pitstop, we worked our way back up through the piers towards the heart of the city. A very fun and fulfilling family adventure complete!

Download the free Good2Go app through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. For a limited time, this amazing service offered by Good2Go is completely free of charge! So download the app today, and enjoy your next adventure the way it should be---by skipping the questionable portable toilets and neglected public or private bathrooms altogether. We wish you happy travels.

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