The Athlete's Foot Treatment of Choice is Ketoderm

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Athlete’s foot is a very common infection of the skin that appears on feet or between toes.
Common symptoms of this infection are scaling, redness, itching and sometimes, small blisters, and even bleeding may appear. Although this problem is usually caused by fungal infection; there are other causes that can lead to it.

Medical term for this condition is tinea pedis. There are various types of fungus that can lead to athlete’s foot and they can be contracted in various places such as gyms, locker rooms, pools, pedicure salons or by using contaminated socks, shoes or clothes. Fungus can also be transferred through direct contact with other person. Most people get them after walking barefoot in areas where someone with athlete’s foot walked before them. At a public swimming pool, and gym or school locker rooms are just a few of the places where this can be a problem. If someone in your family has athlete's foot, it can easily spread, putting everyone else in your household at risk, too. It can easily be concluded that this infection usually affects athletes who are constantly wearing sneakers and have sweaty legs. This disease is also common for people in armed forces who are wearing closed shoes in tropical conditions. Have in mind that fungus cannot grow without proper environment (hot and humid). About 70% of people have this problem at one point in their life. Once treated, there is no guarantee that the infection will not resurface.

Many people suffering from this issue don’t have any symptoms and they even don’t realize that they are carrying fungus with them. Most of them think that they only have dry feet. Usual symptoms of this infection are itching and burning. Skin can often start scaling and in particularly severe cases, it can cause enormous pain and even bleeding. Rarely, athlete’s foot can lead to blisters.

In most of the cases, symptoms of this infection are barely noticeable. All we can see is some dry or strangely looking skin. Feet may appear more red than usual; there can also be some scaling on one or both feet. Commonly, the infection is localized on the bottom part of the foot. Space between fourth and fifth toes can also have some sort of moist, skin peeling or dry scaling. There are three main types of this disease: the one that appears on feet, infection between the toes as well as that which leads to

Nowadays, there are various, efficient drugs that can help us solve this problem. Ketoderm is regarded as one of the best in its own class, efficiently treating athlete’s foot, but other fungal infections as well. Medicine comes in a form of a cream and it should be applied on affected area for next 2 to 6 weeks depending on patient’s weight and age as well as type of fungus. In some cases, skin will not react as we would expect it to. In that case, treatment needs to be prolonged or revised. Like any other medicine that is used for skin, Ketoderm may cause various skin irritations. However, these side effects are rare. In case of any severe side effect, medical professionals from You! Drugstore advises you to contact your medical provider and ask for further assistance.

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