Cleaning Your Home the Smart and Green Way with the Ecology Works

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We all know that it's a lot of work to maintain a clean household. Having products that work effectively and efficiently is a must. But there's something else to consider when it comes to selecting the products we keep in our homes. Every day household products we use in our home can have an impact on air quality, and by extension, our health.

The Ecology Works provides you with the tools you need to do the tough jobs the right way, without all the nonsense. Their product line of green cleaning products ranges from the essential Anti-Allergen Laundry Detergent to the heavy duty Vital Oxide disinfectant. The Ecology Works has products that help parents eliminate major allergen sources in their home, creating a more pleasant environment for sensitive children. Using only the most essential, simple ingredients minimizes the likelihood of reactions to the formulas, but the effective ingredients will deliver results. You can find out more about using the Ecology Works products to reduce allergy symptoms in children on their website.

All of the Ecology Works products contain the most natural ingredients possible, making them safe, and also allowing to you feel good about using their sustainable household products that won't do harm to the environment.

The Vital Oxide disinfectant, that also doubles as an odor eliminator, is an amazing multi-purpose disinfectant. It can safely be used to sanitize surfaces on most surfaces in your home, vehicle, and in high traffic settings such as in daycares or locker rooms. This effective disinfectant that kills 99.999% of bacteria and other harmful microbials is so safe that it can be used on food contact surfaces and does not even have to be wiped clean. All that's needed is to allow the surface to air dry for 10 minutes after application!

Dustmitex is another great product from The Ecology Works that gets the job done. Dustmitex allows you to eliminate pesky dust mites and fleas without any of the chemical or poison ingredients that pose a risk to you or your household pets. Available in both a 32oz spray bottle, and in a powdered form in a 8oz bag or 2lb bag. This product is clear, odorless, and you don't have to worry about it staining even light colored fabrics with use. Dustmitex works quickly to reduce your household's mite population within just a few weeks, and with proper use can eliminate nearly every mite in your home within 8 weeks!

If you have any canine or feline companions, you won't want to miss the Anti-Allergen Pet Shampoo. The formula contains 100% biodegradable plant and mineral base, and offers sustained odor protection. This fantastic pet shampoo is designed to neutralize protein allergens on contact, and overcome skin problems caused by dust mites. As a bonus, this formula will both clean and condition, leaving your animal companion with a soft and healthy coat. For more information about how the Ecology Works products can help alleviate the allergies of members in your household from household pets, please click here.

For your day-to-day life, the Anti-Allergen Solution and Anti-Allergen Laundry Detergent from the Ecology Works are a must. The laundry detergent is a hypoallergenic, fragrance-free formula that removes allergens from your clothing and contains no perfumes, dyes, enzymes and other common laundry detergent ingredients that can be allergen triggers. The Anti-Allergen Solution can be used on all types of fabric surfaces (please note: it may not be used on fabrics that are labeled "dry clean only") and neutralizes allergens that come from pet dander and dust mites. Pet owners will be thrilled to know that the Anti-Allergen Solution is completely safe to use around your household furry friends! Carpets, upholstery, bedding linens, and curtains are just a few of the items in your household that you can use this powerful non-toxic solution on. You can even use it in your washing machine to extend allergen reduction during regular washing machine use. Add Anti-Allergen Solution as directed for use in your hot water vacuum machine to achieve a truly deep and thorough clean!

You might be thinking that you don't have any use for the Ecology Works products in your household. Maybe you're right! Or, maybe you're just like me. When my package of the Ecology Works products arrived on my doorstep, I honestly wasn't sure how many of the products I could truly test. My home was just fine! Only... it turned out I was wrong. Upon closer inspection, I found mold on my mattress! We were also unfortunate enough to develop a flea problem in our bedroom as a result of our family cat who insists on frequently going on adventures outdoors. I was completely overwhelmed when I discovered these problems in our home, and wasn't sure how much I could expect from the Ecology Works products. After all, how much could they really help? I treated my mattress with the Vital Oxide twice, spraying my mattress generously, and following the directions for use. The flea population quickly grew out of control after I noticed the first few, and I had to treat all of our bedding (even our pillows!) with Dustmitex. To my surprise, within a week of applying Dustmitex, I observed astounding results. The fleas were gone within six days. I haven't seen a single flea hopping around since! I'm now a firm believer in the effectiveness of the Ecology Works products, and know that I can rely on them with confidence should these types of problems arise again in the future. Thank you, the Ecology Works!

Purchase the Ecology Works products today directly from their website. Tons of valuable information about the causes of many common allergens and effective treatments can be found on the Ecology Works website. Read about the success customers have had with the Ecology Works products by reading the testimonials.

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The product line of the Ecology Works, made for all of the heavy duty cleaning in your household.

The Anti-Allergen Solution from the Ecology Works is great for treating your furniture against nuisance allergens.

The Anti-Allergen Laundry Detergent is a must for eliminating allergens from your clothing!

Animal companions can be major allergen carriers, help minimize their impact on your health with this amazing shampoo.

Is your home infested with dust mites or fleas? No problem! DustMitex has it taken care of.

Mold can be a major hazard to your health. Prevent or kill mold with the heavy duty VitalOxide!

Treating a moldy memory foam mattress with VitalOxide.

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