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About (Taken from website): We invite you to explore our extensive collection of wall murals, baby nursery decor, kids’ wall art ideas, wall murals for grown-ups, wall stickers, wall stencils, wall mural painting kits, pattern stencils, and wall decals, and stencils for walls. We are certain you’ll love what you see! Review: I'm always looking for interesting things to spruce up my house and since we just got a new house a few months ago, we are still dealing with bare walls. My middle son has had to share his room for the last few years with his youngest brother, and somehow his stuff always went up on the walls. When we moved he got his own room back. He's 14 so not really into "theme" rooms anymore. My Wonderful Walls gave him the coolest wall decal to put on his room!

He chose the Ornate Skull Sticker Decal – Goth Wall Art by BioWorkZ in large. And when I say large, I mean LARGE! I was shocked as to how big it really was; L-28.3"w x 36"h. It came to us rolled up on a sheet and all we had to do was unroll, unstick and peel. Very simple!! I like that I am able to stick it on the wall and still be able to remove it if I need to. The decal is made of fabric and could keep you busy for a long time looking at all of the cool designs to make up the skull. This would make an amazing decal for a man cave, garage or bachelor pad. I hope that its still in good shape for him to take it for his college dorm! Because of its color (black and white) it will go well with any color background paint.
My Wonderful Walls would like to give you a chance to win $100 gift code to pick out your own decals! Open to US residents only 18+. Can't wait for the giveaway? Here is a 15% discount! "htlt2015" Good Luck!!

Nikki Review

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  1. In A Perfect World Pit Bull Dog Wall Sticker Decal - Animal Pop Art by Dean Russo is by far my favorite one they are so amazing.

  2. What awesome wall stickers! I like the Sitting Cat Wall Sticker, The Auriga Nebula Wall Sticker - Astronomy Art by Elise Mahan, Dandelion Photography Wall Sticker Decal – Droplets of Aubergine by Ingrid Beddoe, and Birds and Tree Branch Wall Sticker - Decal!

  3. I've been itching to put some pattern on the wall and the Fleur de Lis Pattern Wall Stencil - Self-Adhesive would look great!

  4. I'd love to get the elephant, giraffe, lion and zebra stencils to put in my son's room. He's love these.

  5. I love several of the urban & cultural stickers!! I've been looking for something inspiring to decorate my craft room :)

  6. Giraffe wall stickers for my daughter, and the trio of cats for me. Beautiful!

  7. I would probably get the Parazombies wall sticker....pretty cool.

  8. I would get the four pieces from Ingrid Beddoes

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