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Intimacy. It seems to be one of the most talked about topics, but probably one that is rarely executed by parents. You can start off the morning determined to make magic happen, and then find yourself so exhausted that the only "magic" you're hoping for is some nice, solid sleep. Note that I said solid sleep. Not being woken up in the middle of the night by a sobbing or screaming child who was having bad dreams. Not being kicked, kneed, or elbowed in any sensitive areas by a surprisingly strong little one that insists your bed is better to sleep in than their own. And not waking up to a smelly toddler's foot on your face (and goodness knows why they thought that was a good place for their foot in the first place). Getting sleep is as sexy as things get some days.

At the end of the day, you just have to laugh. Laugh to keep from crying, as is sometimes the case. Some days are downright frustrating. Those days that don't seem like they're ever going to end, where ripping all of your hair out to make it all go away seems like a fair exchange. But if you think about it, you know you'll miss those days when they're gone. Sometimes it's all the things that aren't perfect that are the most memorable. They definitely make for the best stories!

For me, intimacy for parents begs the question: what do you do to keep the spice in your life? I don't think children are the only thing that impact our intimate lives with our significant others. Time takes its toll also, and especially after years together both individuals can find themselves getting a little... complacent. When you first start seeing each other, you just can't get enough. There's the passion, excitement, and the shiny newness of it all. But that eventually subsides, and everyone has to figure out what their new normal is.

One thing that being a parent makes you realize more than ever before, is that sex is not the only thing that matters in a relationship. Intimacy is always important, but it doesn't always have to lead to sex in order to be valuable or satisfying. The foundation and cooperation of a relationship is what matters the most, and you really end up looking at things in a new light when you aren't obsessed with thinking about sexy time every waking moment. After all, all that time you used to spend mentally undressing your loved one is now spent thinking about diaper changes, food prep, bath times, and what you need to ask your child's pediatrician at their next appointment. What little time you find yourself having at random points of the day (yes, generally that's only the time you spend on the toilet---and that's if you're lucky), or energy you have leftover at the end of the day is precious and must be used wisely.

Relationships with our spouses/significant others always require work and effort. Everyone has lulls, but letting a lull turn into a new, permanent type of normal is a scary thing. If you lose the connection and bond with your significant other, there really isn't a whole heck of a lot left that will make you feel like you're anything other than roommates.

Everyone's different, and it's up to each and every one of us to find what works for us and our partner's to find what keeps us happy in our relationships. But in 5 years of marriage (while that is hardly anything huge to boast about), these are the things I constantly strive for that I've felt have gone a long way in keeping our relationship happy and healthy.

Make little gestures, and often. It can be a glance, a gentle touch, a lingering kiss, or a compliment. But your loved one will feel desired, and chances are they'll make you feel the same way. This has always kept things sweet and exciting for us. By the end of the day we can feel like we've connected with each other. That goes a long ways.

Don't compare. We often compare ourselves with others to a point where it is just unhealthy. How frequently do people actually feel happier or more satisfied with their lives by comparing their family to their neighbors that have more money, their acquaintance who has a spouse that is "more attractive," or their own significant other should do x, y, and z just like Tracy's husband? I wouldn't want my husband comparing me with someone else, and I don't compare him with anyone else either.

Showing appreciation. Just go a little out of your way once in awhile to do something you know your significant other will appreciate. I'll grab a croissant for my husband every time I go to the grocery store, grab him the newspaper I know he likes whenever I'm walking around and I see it, make a specific dish or type of food I know he's been craving for a few days, and go grab him goodies when I'm relatively close to a bakery I know he likes (seeing a reoccurring theme of "food" here?). Sometimes it's the little things. Everyone likes to feel significant and important to their loved one, and showing my husband how much I appreciate him with little thoughtful acts always lets him know that I always love him, and know how darned lucky I am to have him!

What do you do to keep your relationship exciting? What is relationship or marriage advice you give or would give to anyone? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Marriage advice? Be forgiving, be patient, be grateful... and you'll probably be treated the same way back.

  2. Having had several significant others in my life (no children and never married any of them for various reasons) just being there and all of sudden snuggling up next to them while they watch their favorite show can help.

  3. I guess we have been together for 18 years more than of our life's, how we do it: while we enjoy our one on one time we try to find thing we both like an do it together but we give each other time to do those only one of us love. Mostly that, we dont sugarcoat the truth nor lie ever

  4. Please and thank you are still golden words for us. We've been married for 8 years and these words help us to get by.

  5. Showing appreciation... is a great tip. Even the tiniest gesture can have a HUGE impact. I just saw the trailer this weekend-going to make a great "date-night" movie =D

  6. All great pieces of advice. I always try to remember that what I give, is what I get. So if I want support, then I need to support him. It's a two way street, not a one way street of just help me, support me, love me.

  7. This was a interesting read. I am fast approaching my 3rd wedding anniversary, so this was an interesting perspective to read. Thank you!

  8. I just love doing things for my hubs. We were just talking about how we feel guilty about the things we buy for ourselves but not for each other. I think it means we really appreciate and love each other :)

  9. Great words of encouragement for married couples! Often times it is the little things that keep relationships alive and healthy.

  10. Great post! Just checked the trailer and will schedule a date night with my husband. Sounds like a great movie!

  11. There have been many times hubby and I want to make love but are too tired and are satisfied just cuddling together. We have been together 5 years and know that there is more to marriage than sex.

  12. it looks funny and I like the part about the cloud

  13. the cloud is my favorite part