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Disposable pantyliners, pads, and tampons are slowly going the way of the dinosaur. Why? With the exception of natural and organic feminine hygiene products, all menstrual pads and tampons are beached, and contain a lot of chemicals---not really something ideal to have against your skin! That's why alternatives are gaining popularity. One of those options, is Pink Lemonade! We're so excited to bring you this giveaway today! 

Welcome to the Pink Lemonade Mama Cloth Giveaway!

Sometimes things you use all the time are the things that need to be looked at and changed. The Pink Lemonade Shop offers a variety of great looking and functioning mama cloth. Disposables are not your only option. Enter today and try something new and sustainable, not to mention more comfortable for you! They offer functional beauty and exceptional quality!

You can read Jen's full review over at Tales From A Southern Mom

Enter below and Good Luck to All!
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