Another Day, Another Delay

Things have been stressful for me lately. I mentioned the other week that we're currently dealing with all of the joys that come along with immigration. My husband applied in December of 2012 to become a US citizen through me, so that we can move to California and be closer to my family.

Last week, I received an email, the latest update in our case. Immigration requested four supporting documents, only one of them being in our current possession. A lot of running around last weekend, and we're on our way to receiving the paperwork we need, but it'll be weeks before we have it all. Just another day, and yet another delay in our immigration process.

I am sure most people who have made a very big move can relate to the feeling that there's nothing in your heart that can quite compare to where you grew up. The familiarity of all the things you knew are a comfort, and it's hard to find that peace somewhere else. Especially when you never loved that somewhere else in the first place. Don't get me wrong. I have been in Canada for almost 5 years, and there are so many things I have learned. Canada is a beautiful country, with so much to offer to tourists, and all of its residents. I fell in love with British Columbia when my husband and I had a road trip there two summers ago. But it's not my home.

If I could live anywhere, and money was not a limitation... it would be Vancouver or somewhere on Vancouver Island. That is how breathtaking Vancouver was for me. Who can argue with getting the best of both worlds? Both the ocean and mountains right there, for whenever you want them. Yet all the advantages of a metropolis setting---diverse foods, plenty of culture, activities, festivities, you name it! However, it is certainly challenging for people to make it there financially without some decent income. Considering how modest our income is, I know it isn't realistic for us. Then, of course, there's a matter of family. It's been hard living in Edmonton since my husband and I have no support system here. I also constantly feel horrible about Baby E being away from his grandparents, who would love having him nearby. So moving back to California just makes sense to us.

When I first discovered we'd hit another delay in our immigration proceedings, I felt as if someone had tied an anchor around my heart, and then let go. It just dropped. I felt so frustrated. I never would have thought when we first applied that things would take so long. On top of Eli being super grouchy (which is really understandable) while getting in his molars, this just wasn't the news I needed. For about half an hour, I just let myself be upset. I had to get out the frustration, so that it wouldn't bottle up and eat me from the inside out. But then I took a deep breath, and I let it go. The end is in sight, even if it's a little further along than I thought. It will happen. We will get there. In the meantime, I am just holding on to all the things I am thankful for. The health and wholeness of my family.

This is definitely one heck of a way to start of 2014! I hope if any of you are experiencing big challenges this month, you also hold onto the positive. Because it is truly they only thing worth holding onto. I'll keep you all updated on our progress!

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  1. Hugs to you! I know exactly how it feels to have so much of your heart tied up in something, something so important, and get blow after blow of disappointment. We went through 2 years of 4 moves after making the decision for my husband to relocate for a better job with benefits when I was pregnant with Penny. So glad that we have finally settled down and the weight of moving is off our shoulders.. Now to get this renovation done before #2 arrives!! ;)

    Vancouver is a beautiful place, I've loved visiting. You know, Seattle has some very similar things to offer too ;)