Make Your Season Bright - Holiday Extravaganza $175 Instant Cash!!! (Giveaway)

I know a lot of people who love the holidays, and have rarely even met someone who didn't. Snow, the smell of hot chestnuts cooking in a cart as you pass by it in the street, Starbucks holiday drinks, cuddling up with loved ones, spending days with your beloved family and friends... But there is one thing that many people can agree on: the holidays are not without flaws. It can particularly be a stressful time for everyone financially. Where it's scraping together funds to buy gifts for everyone on your list, travel expenses to drive or fly out to see family or friends for Thanksgiving and Christmas, or handing over a lot of money for all the holiday food items... it isn't cheap.

Last year was not a good one for us. My husband was working for a jerk who was stalling on paying. It had been over 2 months since my husband had gotten paid by him when he showed up on Christmas Eve. He had promised to pay everything owed (over $3k), but only showed up with $600 and some sorry story for why he didn't have the rest. We bought Baby E a few small gifts (he was only 4 months old anyway), and purchased food for the Christmas meal. That was the extent of our expenses for Christmas last year. We were so stressed and depressed about our finances, that we didn't even buy a Christmas tree. We just didn't feel the holiday spirit that year. The stress about our finances made us irritable and grouchy, and we just couldn't enjoy anything. I hold my husband's employer at the time, a one O.M. solely responsible for that ruined holiday season. While we were barely scraping by, his family flew to the U.S. for a vacation for their Christmas.

This year, things are much better. Work is stable, we have a budget, and have all Baby E's Christmas presents already purchased! We can't wait to pick up our Christmas tree and decorate it this weekend. It's exciting too because I know Baby E is actually old enough to enjoy it. I know he'll love ripping apart the brightly colored wrapping paper, and I'm confident that he'll love his presents, too.

Remembering how horrible things were for us last year, I cannot help but think of those who may not be fortunate enough to have things going very well for them this year. Which is why I teamed up with the people at VoiceBoks to give you the opportunity to win $175, an instant cash prize!

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If you won, what would you do with the $175? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear your holidays last year were so difficult. It pains me to read how your husband's boss paid you so little of what he owed after not paying for months, especially knowing you had a little one at home. I hope this year is a much better one!

    1. He was a miserable individual! I personally don't know how he sleeps at night. This year is going much better already! I hope yours is going well, too! Thank you for reading!!!

  2. Buy some gifts for my daughter. She seems to get short changed sometimes with Christmas and then her Birthday in the beginning of January. Just would like to get her something she really likes, like a sewing machine and decorations for the tree.

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