REACT Mobile Helps You Put Safety First (Review)

It's one of every parent's worst nightmares to lose their child. Things happen, you can turn around for a single moment, and when you turn back... they're gone. Children are so easily distracted, and they wander off without a second thought. One of my siblings had a tendency to wander, from toddlerhood even into her teen years.

When I was about 6 1/2, my sister, about 5 at the time, was lost for the first time. My (drunk) biological father was watching us from the porch of our apartment, while we played in a playground across the parking lot. My mother had gone grocery shopping at Safeway. Along the playground, there was a long sidewalk along a building that led to a large parking lot, and then went into Safeway. I was instructed to watch my sister. While we were playing with other kids, I told her to hold onto my jacket and not let go, so that I wouldn't lose her. I turned around for a minute as I talked with another girl close to my age, and when I turned around... she was just... gone.

I shouted out to my biological father, who I will refer to as R. He ran down, calling for her, but she was nowhere to be seen. He looked like a volcano about to blow, he was so angry. I have a very vivid memory of him racing back up to the apartment as fast as he could as he held my hand. The stairwell was made up of stones and cement, and R ended up essentially dragging me up the steps, my knees were bloodied from scraping along the edge of each step up to our apartment. I sobbed, and worried that I had made the biggest mistake of my life. What if we couldn't find her? I had only turned around for a moment, how could she have gone so far?

But, not even 30 minutes later, my mother returned from Safeway... with my little sister, M, holding onto her hand. As it turns out, my sister must have seen the way our mother had walked to the grocery store. All by herself, she made it to Safeway. My mother, as she was shopping, heard over the intercom that there was a lost little girl at customer service. She just had a gut feeling that she should go see. Sure enough, it was my little sister. She was told that she had been found by a man who had seen her filling up a kiddie cart of candy from the bulk bins.

Many years later is the other very good memory I have of my sister M getting lost. She was about 12 at this time. We went to the Chinese New Year festival as a family---my mother, myself, and all four of my siblings. As we always did, we grilled my siblings on what they would do if they were lost: "Stay put, if you are very lost, find a mother with children and ask her for help. Don't walk off with strangers!" Not an hour later, M was nowhere to be seen. My mother and I agreed on a place to meet back at, and we split up to look for my sister. She went back the way we had come, and I went down the way we were headed. Half an hour later, I found her, wandering down the street without a care in the world. I was so furious. She did the exact opposite of what she was told to do less than a few hours before, and there she was walking along carelessly when we had frantically been looking for her.

Although now 21, she still has a carefree nature and a tendency to wander off. My mother, as so many do, still has a tendency to worry. My sister was gone overnight once, without a call or anything to let her know where she was, and my mother was worried sick. Luckily, everything turned out all right. But for all my mother knew before she showed up the next day, things could have been horribly, horribly wrong.

This is where REACT Mobile can help! REACT Mobile is a free app for iPhones and Android phones that allows the user to use their phone as an important safety device. Created by an individual who himself was held at gunpoint several years ago during a home invasion, he was inspired to find a way to make it easy to get help when you need it.

How does REACT Mobile work? It's very simple, you can allow REACT Mobile to track your location, which can be watched by family and friends---whoever you trust most. You can send a "I'm Safe" message to all those who were watching you once you've reached your destination. Should you need help, you can send an SOS message, and you will be prompted to call 911. Another great thing is that you can use REACT Mobile as a tool if you witness something to, so that you can inform authorities. If you are not in North America (in which case your emergency number would not be 911), you can select the country you are located in under the settings so that you will be calling the emergency service line wherever in the world that you are. So you can still use REACT Mobile, no matter where in the world you are!

REACT Mobile is certainly something I could see being useful to my mother when it came to my sister. Even when she was too young, if she had put an emergency phone under her clothes, although my sister wouldn't have been old enough to use any of the features on REACT Mobile, my mother could have traced her to know exactly where she was, and exactly where to find her.

Its benefits only grow as your children, and they can take advantage of all of the features of REACT Mobile, so that they can keep in touch with you when they are out late, or even just walking through a not-so-good neighborhood. Of course, the REACT Mobile features are not only beneficial to children! It can be useful for anyone --- whether a child, college student, or even an adult who is occasionally or frequently out after dark. There are terrible things that happen in the world every day, and while you should not (and do not) have to live in fear every moment, you can walk around confidently knowing that you have REACT Mobile ready at the touch of a button. Be smart, be ready, REACT.

To learn more about REACT Mobile, how it can help you, and to download it today, visit their website by clicking here. You can even find several videos under their About section which give you more details about exactly how it works.

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Photo Friday - November 29th, 2013

Baby E giving me a big toothy smile! He's getting in his first 4 molars right now. Wish us luck! 15 months.

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Merry Christmas from Ashley Suzanne Giveaway!


Welcome to the 2013 Christmas Gift Guide Giveaway Event!

A celebration by Ashley Suzanne

It's the start of the giveaway event that I've been waiting and preparing for for months-the Christmas Gift Guide bash in honor of my favorite holiday of the year! Ashley Suzanne is giving away TWO fabulous prize packs to celebrate! All these giveaways items will be perfect for those on your Christmas list! I'm so excited to start off this awesome event!
The first Prize Pack is open to
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Little Green Pouch Starter Kit - ARV$38
 Simple and Stunning Gift Certificate - ARV $40
 Halo SleepSack Wearable Blanket - ARV $27
 Cole Haan Mini Johnny Strap - ARV $44
 Jack and Lily Footwear Choice - ARV $30-$38
 Smart One 3.0 Diaper - ARV $25
 Raspberry AI2 Shell and pack of AI2 inserts - ARV $$21.90
 3-Pack Pick and Draw cards - ARV$30
 Pick and Draw Activity Book - ARV $12.89
 Frecklebox $30 electronic gift card - ARV $30
 The Legend of Ranger Book - AVR $11.66
 Copy of book: The Sparkle Box - ARV $19.99
 Chicken Soup for the Soul: It's Christmas! - ARV $15
 Wreath of choice - ARV $25
 Stock-It-Pockets - ARV $24.95
 Complete set of Baby Santa books - ARV $45
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 Single Growth Chart of Your Choice - ARV$115
 The Big Top Circus Mystery - ARV $12.99
 Digby Differs - ARV$17.99 Hank Finds an Egg - ARV $16.99
 Mystery at the Museum - ARV $12.99
 Simpson's Sheep Won't Go to Sleep! - ARV
$16.99 One free year subscription to - ARV $79
 Giant Microbes Gift Set - ARV $61.79
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 Galerie Anais Three 8x10" Prints - ARV $46
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Total Value - $2157.88
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Colors For Your Every Mood” Pack – ARV $109
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Total Value - $6161.27
Disclosure: The winners will receive their prizes from the sponsors above. Ashley Suzanne and other participating bloggers are not responsible for prize shipment and fulfillment. Please allow up to 12 weeks for all prizes to be processed and shipped.

Lucid Lifestyle Customer Appreciation Sale!

Lucid Lifestyle is an Edmonton gem featuring sustainable fashion. They carry select Canadian and eco-friendly apparel. My favorite brand they carry is Karma Wear. It's beautiful active wear, no doubt about it! Next weekend, if you're a local, stop into Lucid Lifestyle to participate in their customer appreciation sale! Running from December 2nd to December 4th, there is plenty to love! You can look forward to...

- A sale price in every item in the store (including the very popular yoga jeans)
- Under $25 sale racks
- Gift cards to use towards future purchases
- Prizes, giveaways & more!

Shopping local and eco-friendly products is a great way to have a smaller environmental impact. It is also a good way to get yourself on anyone's nice list! Visit Lucid Lifestyle at their storefront at 10406 82 Avenue NW. Not local? Check out Lucid's new website by clicking here!

Photos below... top right: Diamond Dress, top left: Sequoia Sweater, bottom right: Cyd Long Sleeve, bottom left: Shift Top.

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Holiday Shopping Made Easy with Mattel! #HotHolidayToys

In San Francisco, you know when Christmas is coming... not from the amount of snow on the ground, or the nip of Jack Frost... but from the amount of people there are bustling through downtown. After Thanksgiving, the crowds gushing down the sidewalks get so thick that you'd think you're sitting in a car, in the middle of a rush hour traffic jam in LA. It's just not fun. Which is why my mother would refuse to venture anywhere near downtown near the holidays. She avoided it like it was the plague. We'd take the opportunity on weekends to explore and visit parts of the city we had a tendency to forget about the rest of the year. Afternoons at the Embarcadero shopping centre, strolls down Haight & Ashbury, visits to the Aquarium of the Bay followed by window shopping around the rest of Pier 39.

For me, it became an unintentional instinct to do holiday shopping online. What better way to deal with crazy crowds than by not dealing with them at all? In stores, it can be overwhelming to see so many options, and have only the packaging to go by when deciding which product to go with. I found it highly beneficial to be able to find reviews for anything at my fingertips, and also locate incredible variety in a snap. It was a delightful bonus that online holiday shopping also meant that everything would show up at my doorstep---no hauling of multiple awkward shopping bags home necessary!

Something I am sure many people can relate to, is how stressful and overwhelming the holidays can get. Fighting crowds, tracking down that perfect gift for everyone on your list, and trying to find bargains is just the tip of the iceberg. Factor in juggling holiday shopping with all of your daily tasks, and it seems like fighting an uphill battle. Last year, everything was done in exactly the opposite way I would have liked. We had a hard year in 2012 financially, and we ended up contemplating over the selection at Toys R Us for over an hour before settling on two toys, just days before Christmas. The process was mind-numbing! It felt like we had been there forever, and I wasn't even completely confident in our selection when we left. Did we really get the best options? Did we overlook something that would have been better for Baby E? Will the toys last Baby E for awhile? Will he really enjoy them?

This year, I did things differently. I kept an eye out online and in stores for neat products that would make wonderful gifts. I diligently did all of my research online, comparing makes and models, as well as making sure that the products would hold up. It was only July when I had already figured out the perfect presents for Baby E this year!

I did go a slightly different route this year than previously, however. I picked out the items online, but ordered them at a local baby boutique and picked them up. It's not even the end of November, and I have both of Baby E's Christmas presents purchased, and stored in my house right now. This is the way I like to do things. With gift shopping out of the way, I can enjoy the entire month of December surrounding myself with stress-free holiday spirit. For me, that means Starbucks, baking as I listen (and sing along!) to Christmas music, and plenty of festivities enjoyed with my family. I can't wait until December 1st, which always feels like the true start to the holiday season for my husband and I.

The key to stress-free holiday shopping? Start early, and start prepared! Make a list (I recommend a digital file with a print out, so you can always find it again if you lose the hard copy!) naming everyone that you will be getting gifts for. I usually start with brainstorming ideas for gifts for each person next to their name. Occasionally, I will get really stuck, and need a little help thinking of gifts (especially for my husband, who isn't always the easiest to shop for). So I will turn to a Facebook group that I frequent, and ask for ideas---it always works like a charm! There's always plenty of suggestions that never occurred to me. Next, I start to keep my eyes peeled as I am going through stores or on websites I regularly go to, and more often than not, I find something that was on my list of gift ideas for each person.

This holiday season, you can shop for the little ones in your life with the help of Mattel. Their online catalog features their products ranging from newborn to children as old as 8-years-old! You can effortlessly keep track of the toys that you plan to purchase by signing up for an account and creating a wish list. That way you can save products and come back to them later when you are ready to place your order. Mattel makes it easy for you to find it exactly what you're looking for, you can browse products by age, brand, or choose to look through the entire catalog so you don't miss anything! You can also look through their gift guide, holiday tips, and find out where you can find Mattel near you.

Above you can see (in order from left to right) the Disney Princess Frozen 2-in-1 Playset, the Rockin' Tunes Giraffe, and the Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle! These are just a few of the many amazing toys that you can find on and add to your wishlist. You can really make holiday shopping painless using the Mattel website. When you click on an item to go to the page for more information, you will conveniently see a "Find This Product In-Store At" section, so you know exactly where to go to get it! Baby E loves things that make noise, so on our wishlist this season, is the Fisher-Price Little People Fun Sounds Farm.

Have you done your holiday shopping yet? What are the #HotHolidayToys on your list this year?

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Growth Chart and Wall Card from Tada by Jill McDonald (Review & Giveaway)

Art. It's something I always took for granted, but I was fortunate to grow up surrounded by. One of my first memories of art was a piece my mother had made for a course when she was in college of a woman etched into a black wood board piece. I thought it was beautiful. My mother experimented with many types of art while she was in college, and I was exposed to them all. Even after college, when she was working full-time as a graphic designer, she started collecting books about anything even remotely related to graphic design and illustration. This included even books about architecture.

Ironic thing is, despite our exposure to art, and the crafts and creativity that my siblings and I loved to participate in growing up, our walls were pretty bare. Aside from some religious poster prints my biological father had up on the walls (a total of 2), there was nothing else. This seems kind of strange to me, thinking back. You would have thought that our walls would be smartly decorated in a wide array of paintings, photography prints, and more.

Perhaps this is why my own house reflected that very same absence. I moved to Canada in 2009, and our walls have never had a single thing on them. It had never even occurred to me to put anything on them. Until recently. Babies soak in everything around them, and they love to have things to look at. Especially Baby E. We'll be dining out, and he'll look up at the ceiling and point out the light fixtures to me. He'll also stare, enchanted, by colorful window frames, and paintings. That is when the light went on for me. I started thinking, for the first time, about how bare, bland, and even sad our walls were. No beauty, no functionality, no personality. Well, it was time for that to change.

I could not imagine a better way to start decorating the walls in my home than with the beautiful products by Jill McDonald. Today I want to introduce you to Tada by Jill McDonald, a line of fun, fresh, adorable decorative wall pieces. You can find wall cards featuring US states, children, simple but inspiring words, and more.... There are also incredible wall card sets! A few are Nature's Alphabet, American Presidents,  and America's 50 States---featuring all 50 US states, each on their own individual card. There are also boy- and girl-themed card sets that are cute and colorful to decorate any child's bedroom or play space.

Honestly, I'd like one of everything. But, I have to pace myself! I decided to start with the To Live a Creative Life wall card. This wall card features the quote, "To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. - Joseph Chilton Pearce" I think this is an amazing quote for my son to continually see as he grows and learns. What I did not expect, is that it would be great for me, too! The quote hits close to home for me, as my tendency to demand perfection of myself has held me back again and again from doing something I really want to do. This wall card serves as a daily reminder for myself, and I hope one day when Baby E is old enough to understand, it can serve a very meaningful purpose for him, too. Until then, although he cannot read or yet understand the wisdom of the words, he enjoys the whimsical and bright patterns! The wall cards are also versatile, you can either frame them, or simply use double-sided tape to adhere it to a surface. I currently have mine taped to the wall, but I am keeping my eye out for the perfect frame!

There are also incredible growth charts. I have been thinking about acquiring a growth chart for some time, as it is such an amazing way to follow and remember your child's journey to adulthood. I received the A Knight's Tale growth chart. All of the beautiful growth charts can even be customized with your little one's name! The old-fashioned form of keeping a growth chart was to create pencil marks on a wall or door in your home. The only flaw with that, is that it cannot be taken with you should you move away from that home at some point in the future. Then there are also some growth charts that are printed on paper. While this is great, because it can be transported, to a degree, there is another problem... they're very easy for a little one to destroy. I can't even get Baby E to take great care of his books (not even the ones he loves), what to speak of a picture on the wall! With the Tada by Jill McDonald growth charts, that isn't a concern! Made of canvas, it is durable, and very convenient to roll up and take with you at any time. Baby E went to sit on it when I rolled it out to look at it for the first time, and I cringed, worried he'd find a way to destroy it. Well, he grabbed at it, folded it, sat on it... and it was still in perfect condition when he finally got bored and moved on to his next mission. I love the quality and the cheery illustrations of both products, and would highly recommend them to any mama!

You can find all of the goodies that were mentioned in this post, and look at the full collection of Tada by Jill McDonald on their Etsy shop, by clicking here. You can also find Jill McDonald on her Facebook page, Instagram, and on her Pinterest page! You can also view all of the other amazing works by Jill McDonald on her website, by clicking here.

Tada by Jill McDonald has also kindly offered a $50 credit for a giveaway to one lucky winner! Open to the US and Canada. Enter below using the Giveaway Tools form. Good luck!

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The lovely growth chart still wrapped up in its packaging

"A Knight's Tale" growth chart ( please note: the name has been edited out for privacy reasons)

One of the Tada by Jill McDonald wall cards, still in its protective plastic wrapping

Detail on one of the knights illustrated on the growth chart

Detail at the bottom right of the growth chart

The "A Knight's Tale" growth chart rolls up nicely for moving or storage

Baby E standing in front of his growth chart!

"To Live a Creative Life" wall card installed on the wall in our hallway

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Fine Print for Giveaway: Giveaway open to individuals in the US and Canada. Please make sure your email address is correct, so that you can be reached if you win. If the email bounces back, winner forfeits the prize and a new winner will be selected. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to the email sent out to them, and should a response not be received within that time, they forfeit the prize. Please follow the instructions for each entry, as you have to have done what was instructed for your entry to count. All entries will be verified. Found Frolicking is in no way responsible for recipient receiving their prize, but will work with the sponsor in all ways possible to ensure the winner receives their prize.

Pediped Black Friday Sale!

We all love a good deal, right? That's why I'm excited to share with you the Pediped Black Friday sale! I've been keeping an eye out for a good Pediped sale---they are such a popular brand for children's footwear, and you know that they're designed just for their feet. Raising children can get very expensive, very fast. So save a little and take advantage of this deal before it's gone! It starts Monday, so mark your calendars for tomorrow!

About pediped®Exceptional quality, unsurpassed comfort and distinctive styling have made the award-winning company the fastest growing children's footwear brand in the United States. pediped® footwear has been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance for the promotion of healthy foot development, and preeminent orthopedic medical professionals, Dr. Mininder S. Kocher and Dr. Thomas W. Vorderer, deem pediped® shoes an excellent choice for parents/caregivers who want their children’s feet to develop naturally and healthily. In 2011 Earnshaw’s, the premier media resource serving the children’s market recognized pediped® with Earnshaw’s Earnie Award for Company of the Year and Best Footwear. In 2012, Earnshaw’s recognized pediped® for their philanthropy efforts of nearly $2 million, and pediped® was awarded the Earnie Award for Company for Good.

pediped® footwear is sold in over 2,500 stores in the United States and 40 countries worldwide with an offering of more than 140 designs for boys and girls between their three lines, Originals®, Grip ‘n’ Go™ and Flex®. Originals®, Grip ‘n’ Go™ and Flex® are available in EU sizes ranging from 17 to 33. For more information, visit

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Holiday Shopping at Whole Foods Market

I was introduced to Whole Foods Market when I was about 14-years-old. Prior to that, I had never stepped into a Whole Foods, ever. It was during that time that my mother decided to make a big change for our family: changing our family's diet. We switched from eating white rice to brown rice, and 90% off our produce switched over to organic. When I was growing up, I was one of those kids that hated vegetables. There is nothing delicious, or the least bit enjoyable, about canned vegetables. Yuck! I used to cover up the flavor of milk by constantly adding chocolate powder to it, and my idea of a hearty breakfast was a bowl of overly-sweetened cereal. When my mother started shopping at Whole Foods (and I always went with her to carry groceries home from the cable car), I discovered I actually like vegetables. Kale, swiss chard, broccoli, and more. I started to really enjoy meals for the first time in my life, and they were wholesome!

It is also thanks to Whole Foods that I started getting into the "green scene." I learned about natural products, eco-friendly products, the benefits of using chemical-free products on my body, recycling... you name it. So, to this day, I really love Whole Foods. Here in Edmonton, Alberta, there is no Whole Foods Market! As my husband can attest, I have complained about that since I moved here. When we went to Vancouver in 2011 for a 2-week road trip/vacation, Whole Foods Market was the first thing I looked for. No joke.

There's a lot to take into account when it comes to holiday shopping. Is it sustainable? Fair trade? Free of harmful chemicals? Eco-friendly? Local? These are just some of the questions you may find yourself asking as you look at products that you are considering purchasing during your holiday shopping. It can be difficult to find stores or even brands that offer products that fit more than one of those above. Whole Foods can help! They have a variety of products this holiday season that can help you check off your list, and might just get you on Santa's nice list, too!

Big Dipper Wax Works candles are made of 100% beeswax, sourced in North America. These handcrafted candles are a product of the sustainable beekeeping industry. They come with a great benefit, too: they will release negative ions---eliminating allergens and pollutants to improve air quality. You will also be supporting a good cause with your purchase! 10% of profits are donated to organizations that are dedicated to promoting sustainable beekeeping. You can support this great business and pick up a few of their products today at the price of $8.99.

A great stocking stuffer option is PACT socks. PACT is a business that is on a mission, a mission to create clothing with minimal environmental impact. From production to packaging, they are dedicated to creating and manufacturing the cleanest way possible. All of their products start with organic cotton, which is better for you, and the environment. PACT uses clean energy, too, by manufacturing all of their products at their wind powered factory in Turkey. You can find socks for any size from baby to adult at Whole Foods Market! Suggested retail prices range from $19.00 - $30.00.

With the weather getting colder, it's time to layer up! They aren't too hard on your wallet at a suggested retail price of $25.00. A great treat for yourself, or an amazing gift for Christmas is the Threads 4 Thought hoodies. They give back to charity while advocating for peace and being eco-friendly. They use organic cotton to create hoodies for men and women in a variety of colors. They use ethical manufacturing to provide affordable products, but also make sure that there are good working conditions and wages for factory employees. So you can use or gift Threads 4 Thoughts without worrying about how it was produced.

If you've been following my blog for awhile, you know that we love Green Toys here in the Frolick household! Their products are made from 100% recycled plastic (sourced from milk jugs!), and are free of icky chemicals---no PVC, BPA, phthalates, or exterior coating here! All Green Toys are made right in the USA, saving raw materials from being shipped overseas. Exactly how much of a difference does it make? Well, for every 1 pound of recycled plastic that Green Toys uses, they are saving the energy equivalent of 3,000 AAA batteries! I've also always been impressed by how affordable Green Toys are, with a price range from $7.99 - $19.99.

Another great stocking stuffer is this Whole Foods Market Organic Lip Balm Trio! Organic Lemon Ginger, Organic Wintermint, and Organic Vanilla lip balms can nourish dry and chapped lips---right into the new year. They are USDA certified organic, and deliciously natural. Pick one up for yourself, and a few as gifts this holiday season. At $3.99 for the 3-pack, it's a great option to stock up on for stocking stuffers, or additions to gift baskets.

Great as a standalone gift, or a wonderful compliment to the lip balm trio, is the Whole Foods Market Organic Triple French Milled Soap Trio. This 3-pack retails for $19.99, and offers delightful soaps with soothing scents: Organic Lavendar, Organic Lemon Verbena, and Organic Vanilla! Whoever receives this gift will surely appreciate the relaxing affects these mellow scents have for many people.

If you're like me, you love yummy smelling products. Enjoy a little extra Christmas spirit this holiday season with the Whole Foods 365 Peppermint Vanilla Liquid Hand Soap & Lotion Sink Stand Duo. This refreshing scent of peppermint makes it a great product for you to enjoy this holiday season, or that anyone who receives can enjoy well into 2014! At $14.99, it's certainly a budget-friendly gift.

Whole Foods Market 365 Foaming Hand Soap is a great option for those who love soaps with seasonal scents. These were a best-seller in the 2012 holiday season, and are a great and affordable stocking stuffer at a retail price of only $4.99 each! The three different holiday-themed scents are: peppermint, ginger, and winter woods!

Last but not least, Every Man Jack has many products available at Whole Foods Market for the man (or men!) in your life. A pleasant sandlewood scent can be found in their entire range of products including shave gel, deodorant, face lotion, 2-in-1 body and face wash, and daily shampoo. You could easily use one or several of these products to put together an amazing gift basket together! Prices range from approximately $7.49 - $9.99, but prices vary by region, so check your local Whole Foods for specific pricing.

All these and more can be found at Whole Foods Market. Visit or locate your nearest Whole Foods Market today on their website by clicking here.

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