Zameeg Apparel Kickstarter Campaign

You know the saying, "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is"?

Well, here is a company trying to do just that. Zameeg makes sustainable clothing using exclusively organic fibers, to create unique apparel for both men and women. What's more? They are made right in the USA. Now that's what I call sustainability! But they need your help.

Remember my post on Eco Books 4 Kids? They were able to surpass their original goal with your help. And now Zameeg needs your help, too! Their Kickstarter campaign is trying to raise $7,347 to make an initial order to get the brand running. They have currently raised $5,750, and with only 10 days left to go, another $1,597 is still needed. With your help, they can make it! Support this wonderful brand, and their admirable dedication to sustainability and local by pledging today. You can pledge as little as $1, or as much as $3,500+. It's worth noting that a pledge of just $17 will earn you a "FREEDOM" cotton tote bag! Or pledge more to get even more. A $25 pledge will also get you a "FREEDOM" t-shirt in your choice of style, an exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign. You'll also get your name on the "Kickers Names" t-shirt, and on Zameeg's gratitude wall. There are many more options, to give you the opportunity to pledge what you'd like, and get what is best suited for you.

Check out their Kickstarter campaign by clicking here, and make your pledge today!

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