Beware of the Dinosaurs: Visit to Jurassic Forest

We wanted to have a little family adventure over the weekend, and on Saturday, we were told about a place called Jurassic Forest. Home to animatronic dinosaurs! We couldn't resist. It seemed like the perfect thing, and something Baby E could possibly enjoy a great deal.

It took us 40 minutes to drive to Jurassic Forest, where it is located outside of Gibbons, Alberta. If you aren't paying attention, it's easy to miss the turn off, as you'll see a sign that simply says "Jurassic Forest... 1." They don't bother telling you it's 1 km, and then there's a large sign on your left you have to turn towards. My husband, J, didn't believe that could possibly mean it was the next turn. So if course we passed it and then turned around. Despite the miniature detour, we got there in one piece.

There are cute, comical signs throughout the park. One that can be found on the front gates as you walk to the Jurassic Forest entrance reads:

No pets. They make the dinosaurs very hungry.

I chuckled and was glad that we hadn't brought our dog, Copper. Goodness knows I don't want him being eaten by dinosaurs (although, let's be honest, sometimes I really think I do).

The main building where you pay admission has some pieces to look at. It also gives you your first taste of the animatronics, since there is one dinosaur that moves. It was a bird-like one, and Baby E seemed highly suspicious of the strange creature. By the time we moved onto the next dinosaur, even though it was motionless, Baby E stared at it with concern written all over his face. I couldn't help but snap a picture from the angle of the dinosaur's vicious jaw.

I quite enjoyed that there were many informative plaques throughout the park about all the native species, in addition to facts about dinosaurs. There is a north and south path, and both have a wooden walkway that goes through densely forested area. This allows for an element of surprise, as they strategically placed the animatronic displays at random intervals throughout the park, and are well hidden from sight as you are approaching them. Some displays were lacking, as the movement was not very fluid or varied. But some of the more intricate animatronic displays were actually quite good.

Within 2 hours, we had seen the whole park. If I were to go again, I would certainly pack a picnic, since Jurassic Forest visitors are welcome to bring their own lunches. There are a few snack and food items for purchase at the Jurassic Forest cafe, but not a very wide selection. All in all, it was an entertaining family adventure!

What did you do with your family over the weekend? What was your family's latest adventure?

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  1. This looks so exciting. My son would love this. Great pictures!

  2. How fun is that?!?! Our zoo does a dino -park area once a year - but it would be awesome to go any time!