It's Official! Baby E is Going Mobile!

A few weeks ago, something happened that I was starting to think would never happen. Baby E has been happy to be carried everywhere for quite awhile now. He seemed content with this arrangement. So much so, that it seemed like he'd continue along in this fashion without ever deciding to crawl or walk! After all, what kind of logical conclusion could there possibly be for expending a bunch of energy to do something yourself that someone else can do for you?

But, it's finally happened. Baby E is going mobile! I am sure he realized there really is an advantage to getting around on his own. Once he masters his motor skills, he can get exactly where he wants to go---including places that I go to great lengths to keep him from. He went from scooting from one side of the room to the other, to trying to crawl using his feet instead of his knees, to actually crawling---all in one week! And this week, he's also quickly mastering cruising (standing up holding an object while walking sideways) all over the place! It's astounding to me that in less than 6 weeks, my precious little boy will be all grown up. Well, not really. But he will be turning a year old. A remarkable milestone, indeed.

It's so fascinating how babies are. All it takes a moment, and they are suddenly doing something they've never done before. But they don't stand there and look amazed and surprised by what they've just done. Instead they proceed as if they've known how to do it all along. At times it makes me think that his knowledge within far surpasses what's reflecting outwardly.

In the last few weeks, he has also learned to wave bye-bye, clap, stomp, and shake his head "no", and nod his head "yes." He particularly loves to shake his head at his Grandma J on Skype, since she squeaks and squeals at him in delight and praise when he does. He has not yet gained any new words in his vocabulary beyond the "mama," "dada," and "baba" he's been babbling for months. But I'm in no hurry for him to learn new things. I know that he will, when he's good and ready. Like with everything else, Baby E proves to be his very own, unique little person. He does things his way.

What are some interesting things your little one did their own way? Any funny stories to share about things that happened once your little one was moving around on their own?

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  1. Awww, that's super exciting! He sounds like a really smart little young man! I don't have any babies yet myself, but when I do I'm sure I'll have tons of stories.. and I hope I can take as many great pictures as you do!!