Canada Day 2013

Last year, my belly was quite round for Canada Day. I was 7 months pregnant with Baby E. It's amazing how far we've come since then! Baby E is now 10 months old, and yesterday was his first Canada Day!

While my husband and I found ourselves madly in love even though we were from two different countries, our son will not have that problem. He can call either Canada or the United States---or both---home.

After running a few errands, we decided to have a nice lunch out at Montana's. Afterwards, we strolled Whyte Avenue, our favorite part of the city, for a few hours, with some nice iced Starbucks beverages in hand. We went home for a few hours and had dinner, a pleasant late afternoon. Then, in keeping with our tradition, we went back to Whyte Avenue for ice cream from Marble Slab Creamery, and then walked to our favorite spot to watch fireworks from.

I really wasn't sure how Baby E would handle the fireworks. Being the mellow baby he is, sensitive to noise, I worried he may start crying after the first firework was set off, and not stop until the last one was through. Much to my surprise, he made a few little fusses as the first one went off, I'm sure checking in with me to make sure I was there and that what was happening to the sky was okay. After a quick reassurance, he quietly sat in my lap, staring at the fireworks in fascination.

I personally found last year's display to be a far more impressive spectacle, but it was still a short but sweet show. We were certainly all exhausted after the fireworks ended around 11:20 pm, so we immediately made our way back to our car, parked about fifteen blocks from where we watched the fireworks. It took awhile to get back home, and then to settle into bed, so it wasn't until 1 am when we were all fast asleep. I woke up feeling drained and a little off. I honestly have no idea how people do it. On our way to our car yesterday night, we passed the standard groups of intoxicated individuals, fumbling home after all the excitement. If I felt odd after simply staying up hours later than usual, and waking up a mere 30 minutes later than I usually do, I can only imagine how a person who stayed up late and was heavily drinking feels today! Maybe I'm just old at heart, preferring my predictable and comfortable bedtime of 10 pm.

As Baby E's first year is crawling to a close, I find it so amazing how nice it is to share traditions. Whether it's Canada Day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, it's nice to make yet another sweet memory together. All in all, it was a successful Canada Day!

Although we won't be able to make it to the States for 4th of July this year, perhaps next year! What did all my Canadian readers do for Canada Day? What are my American readers intended to do for 4th of July?

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  1. Such amazing pictures! We enjoyed the fireworks very much here too in Vancouver (we're practically neighbours haha) but because the best camera we have is the one attached to our cell phones, we didn't get great pictures like you did.

  2. We actually ended up in Canada on a vacation a few years back on Canada Day. It was a surprise to us, since we didn't know about the holiday. Easy to remember though - my birthday. I remember when my son was just a baby and being excited to show him fireworks. He was not afraid of noises and such in general, but definitely did not want to stay outside with all that racket and commotion!