Made in Canada: Interview with Cloud + Lolly

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Cloud + Lolly is one of our local hidden gems here in Alberta. She creates new and unique pieces that are always evolving. I want to thank Cloud + Lolly for sponsoring the wonderful review and giveaway that went live on the site a few days ago. If you missed it, you can find it here. Cheryl at Cloud + Lolly was kind enough to grant me an interview, so that everyone can learn a bit more about herself and her wonderful business. I hope you all enjoy it!

1. This isn't a question, but, first things first! Tell us a bit about the person behind Cloud + Lolly!

I'm the oldest of 4, and grew up north of Edmonton on a sod farm. I love the outdoors and sitting around the fire pit with friends & family. I'm a real movie buff! Netflix is always on while I'm working in my studio. I have been married for 5 years and we have two furry troublemakers, Indy a very large chocolate lab and Fergus, a red heeler cross.

2. Where did the name "Cloud + Lolly" come from?

It came from a brainstorm session years ago, before I was self-employed. It may have been out of my subconscious as my head is in the clouds, and I have a sweet tooth!

3. Your jewelry is so beautiful, and unique! Where do you get your inspiration for your jewelry?

Thank you! Inspiration for me can be found anywhere... In nature, architecture, fashion, design books etc.

4. It's always nice to know where it all started. So tell us, how and where did Cloud + Lolly begin?

Creating things has always been in my blood. My revelation as an adult was when I stumbled upon a website called Etsy in June 2005. That definitely got my creative juices flowing, and seriously considering taking on the crafting world by storm. Fast forward 4 years and three miserable cubicle jobs later, a layoff from my 9-5 was a blessing in disguise! I signed up for a full summer season selling at the St. Albert Farmers Market and searched for other events where I could sell my wares. It's been a rocky road but extremely fun & rewarding too. I've been fully self-employed for 4 years this October.

5. Random question for fun! What is your favorite dessert?

I absolutely love a hot slice of homemade apple pie and a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

6. Do you have a favorite piece of Cloud + Lolly?

Most recently one necklace that was made from a customers' grandfathers key collection dating back to the 1930s.

7. Do you find yourself wearing a lot of Cloud + Lolly? Do you ever wear any jewelry that you didn't make?

I sometimes wear my pieces, and I love wearing other designers pieces too! I'm a big fan of Edmonton"s Bang Bang Bijoux, Betsy & iya from Portland and a handful of designers I've come across on Etsy.

8. Are there any funny stories you have involving customers or that happened around you while you were working?

There are usually so many during the markets! One recent one, was a lady had stopped to look at my display (VERY obvious I sell jewelry and accessories) then she looked directly at me saying "lolly, lolly and..."  Then proceeds to ask,  "are you the one that makes boots?" I corrected her and said, "you're thinking of Poppy Barley" She laughed, as did I. Asking if I make boots with necklaces hanging all around her.... Quite amusing!

9. What are some of your favorite things to use for making jewelry?

Anything I can get my hands on, really. Coins, charms, buttons, vintage chain. I scour the antique mall for bits & bobs as well as online. I'm planning on more hand-forged copper pieces for my fall line.

10. Last but not least! Any exciting news about things that are in Cloud + Lolly's future to share with us?

I'm working on some hammered spoon rings (using the ladle part as well as the handle), leather wrist cuffs with brass stampings and hand stamped rings & cuffs. The forged copper pieces will be made from copper clay, I'm so excited to get working on it all!

If you'd like to browse their collection and purchase some Cloud + Lolly, go to their website here. You can find them on Facebook, or Twitter. You can also sign up for their newsletter, which can be found at the foot of their homepage on their website, to get the latest updates!

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  1. I love that jewelry! It is so unique! I wish I could find some down here in Alabama!

    1. They do ship! So feel free to get your hands on some Cloud + Lolly from their online shop!

  2. I love the jewelry. I'm looking into getting one for myself. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What adorable stuff!!! Love it!! I love how she repurposes materials.

  4. What precious and unique looking jewelry. I always love to support businesses that upcycle materials also. I can't wait to see some of their hammered designs they have coming up. I love that hammered metal look!

  5. Their necklaces and rings are gorgeous!! Any of those pieces would definitely make an outfit really pop. And I love the presentation too and displays too. Thanks for sharing!