Made in Canada: Interview with Boubeads

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The ladies at Boubeads were kind enough to grant an interview in order to share more about themselves with all of my readers! The nursing necklaces and pacifier straps they make are certainly something to take note of! I've never seen anything quite like them. They are non-toxic, handmade, fashionable, and made right here in North America! Boubeads are also the only nursing necklaces (or other necklaces designed for use with an infant, such as teething necklaces) that are so gorgeous, they can be worn even if you're not nursing.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did! In case you missed the review and giveaway for Boubeads that was posted on the blog on Wednesday, you can find it here!

1. Where did the idea for Boubeads come from? 

Chandace had been having a hard time nursing her son right around the time he was 6 months old. He would often get distracted and would want to pull on things like hair or necklaces, often breaking them in the process. Chandace had gotten some advice to string some cheap children's beads and wear it as a necklace so he would have something to play with. She did it and it worked!

2. How have the Boubeads necklaces evolved from the very first necklace? Do they look any different? 

They look VERY different! That first necklace Chandace made was the gaudiest thing we have ever seen. It really was a bunch of colorful lacquered wood beads from Michael's and clear plastic cording. We then decided that we wanted control over the way the beads looked so we bought some unfinished wood beads and decided to dye them, rather than paint or lacquer them so that we wouldn't have to worry about the finish flaking off and potentially harming baby. Our first prototype was a single strand, multi-colored necklace that we strung with suede lace because we thought it would be durable as well as complimentary to the natural look we were going for. Chandace had the idea of incorporating fabric and multiple strands and that lead us to the products we carry now in store.

3. When you and your sister started Boubeads, did you foresee it becoming the success it is today?
I don't think either of us anticipated the enthusiasm that our customers would have for our products. I remember telling Chandace the day that she showed me that first tacky necklace that I would have LOVED something like that when my son was small, but I never imagined that it would take off like that. The first time we ordered beads from our supplier we ordered 600 beads, we were both freaking out thinking that we would never sell that many necklaces and we are now buying upwards of 6,000 beads a month. It has been a dream come true!

4. Where are your beads sourced from, and what do you use to dye them? 

Our beads are purchased and manufactured in the USA, we use a standard garment dye to color all of our beads.

5. How did you and Chandace come to be parents? And what are your thoughts on the journey in parenthood so far? 

I became a mother almost five years ago after marrying my high school sweetheart, Chandace became a mother in June of last year, we both have sons and they are wonderful! I think we would both agree that parenthood has been the single most rewarding experience of our lives. We both think as parents that the best thing you can do is just take a breath and do whatever works for you and your family. I know we both thought we knew what it would be like to have children but it was been nothing like we imagined while being completely wonderful and chaotic all at the same time. You just take it one day at a time and make it up as you go along.

6. Any exciting news about upcoming products or changes to Boubeads to share? 

We recently teamed up with the Etsy shop Tippyknits to create a limited edition collection using fabric from her own hand-dyed creations. We are always developing new products and ideas. Some of our best ideas come from fans and we are always willing to hear their thoughts and come up with new things. We also offer a complete customized service so if there is a necklace, bracelet or pacifier clip our customers have in mind that they don't see in our shop we are more than happy to work with them to create something personal and unique!

You can find Boubeads on Facebook, or on their Etsy shop where you can purchase one (or several!) of their beautiful nursing necklaces.

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  1. I love the fact of nursing beads. My children are grown now, but could of used them when I was.

  2. These look really nice - much better than the typical "washer" style nursing necklace. My daughter (15 months) pulls my bangs as a soothing technique while nursing. Sometimes she is gentle but othertimes she really pulls! I bet a nursing necklace would help.

  3. I really like the interview concept, it totally personalizes the business. I can't even count how many necklaces and earrings (and earlobes) were broken by my children twirling and twiddling with my jewelry when I was nursing. I think this is a great idea.