Made in Canada: Interview with Mighty Trio Organics

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Do you make omega fatty acids a regular part of your diet? If not, you should! Mighty Trio Organics makes three delicious cold-pressed oils, to help make adding nutritious omega fatty acids to your life easy, and delicious. I reviewed their canola oil on Wednesday, which you can read here. I also regularly buy their flax seed oil, and am going to start buying their hemp seed oil, now that I have some ideas on how to incorporate it into the meals I eat! Now, for the interview with Mighty Trio Organics.

1. Why did you create the Mighty Trio Organics company?

Sean and I were avid hemp oil users and wanted to share this ( and other) amazing oils with everyone. We also are dedicated to local food systems and were wanted to produce a product from farmers that we know and sell directly to local consumers.

2. What makes you passionate about your products?

I am amazed about the health benefits of cold pressed oils. We have a very fresh product. I love that we source seed as close to home as possible.

3. What are some of your favorite ways to use each of the Mighty Trio oils?

 Popcorn!!! I love hemp oil, salt and nutritional yeast all over air popped popcorn. Right now the only thing I put on salads is a mix of tamari and flax oil- you get the satisfaction of the healthy fats and the salty of the tamari... so good! At our house we use flax and hemp on our supper table as condiments and drizzle a little on anything from baked potatoes to pasta, soup or oat meal.

4. Can any of the oils be used for cooking with?

If so, what temperatures can they be cooked at and still maintain their properties? Hemp and flax are not recommended for heating at all, they both have very low smoke points and the omega goodness is compromised, we always use those oils raw. our canola is great for baking or light sauteeing. our cold pressed canola oils' smoke point is  460F

5. How did you come up with the name "Mighty Trio"?

The "Mighty Trio" was born out of the idea that there is three mighty parts to a sustainable food system. The Farmer, growing our seed, The processor (us), creating the products to be sold to The customer. The idea is that these three parts make up a strong local food system.

6. Where are the canola, hemp, and flax sourced from that are used for your oils?

Our Canola seed is certified organic and comes from Galahad, Alberta. Our hemp seed is organically grown in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, and our flax seed is grown in St. Albert, Alberta.

7. Why should people buy Mighty Trio oils? What makes it different from any other oils on the market?

Mighty Trio supports local farmers!!! We do small batched cold pressing, which means that it is truly the freshest oil you will find.

8. When you first started out, did you know Mighty Trio Organics was going to be a success, or did you have your doubts?

We, of course were very hopeful, and yes, we wondered if others would love these products as much as we do.

Like what you read? If you want to know more about Mighty Trio Organics, you can view the review for their cold-pressed canola oil, or go to their website. You can also follow Mighty Trio and get updates from them on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. I'm trying to get myself and my family to move towards a more healthy way of living/eating/etc. This company looks amazing, and I love that they're "Made in Canada"! The packaging is beautiful as well.. I"m definitely a sucker for beautifully packaged products. Thanks for sharing Mighty Trio Organics with us!!

  2. Learned a lot about the Mighty trio. Glad you support your local farmers. I regularly try to munch on flax seeds. Just eat a small handful as a snack throughout the day, but wasn't aware that anyone made flax oil. Sounds great for salad!