Thank You, Mother: Thoughts This Mother's Day

The Seeds You Sow

The seeds you've sown with care
In the richest soil you could bear
Carried with love inside your womb
With hopes and dreams that forever loomed
Have grown from sprouts, shooting high
Spread their wings, and started to fly
And as, much to your dismay,
They finally do just fly away
The one thing you will always know
Is it was all because of the seeds you sow

You will have to forgive my poor poetry. It's been about four years since I have written last! So bear with me and try not to cringe too much!

Happy Mother's Day to every mother out there! It feels like a very special Mother's Day to me, as it is my first Mother's Day as a mother myself. I feel there should be cake, a nice dinner, a spa trip, a mountain of presents... Alright, I don't really mean that, I'm getting carried away. But I do feel there should, certainly, be celebration. Not just for me, either, but every mother out there. Because where would any of us be, if not for our mothers? Being a mother myself, I feel it has given me a completely different perspective of motherhood and of mothers. I am just in awe of the job that they do every day. Thank you to all of you, for the things that you do for your children, and your husbands, every single day. Like with everything, people have a tendency to take things for granted. But whether your families remember it or not, they would be lost without you. So try to remind them of that so they make today good for you!

Of course there can't be a Mother's Day without mention of my own mother in particular. As all of her close friends know, my mother is an amazing woman, and no less. She can be immensely stubborn, and she insists on living her life like an Energizer bunny who's batteries never run out! I really don't mean that in a bad way, she just runs around doing so many things for everyone else, and she forgets to rest, or do things for herself. Her quirks, however, are overshadowed by her many wonderful personality traits. She's smart, kind, beautiful, funny, always generous with her time, loyal, and strong. It takes a strong woman to survive everything she has, and be every bit of a person, if not more, for it. I suppose that's the trait I forgot to mention: she's a survivor. And I am so grateful that she is. It taught me how to be one, and, if she were not a survivor, maybe she wouldn't be here today. My siblings and I would have been in disarray without her. She was the glue that held our family together, and, heck, even holding it together today. So, Mom, as I remind you every Mother's Day, and so not nearly enough: thank you. I love you.

For Everything

I don't know where to begin
So let me begin with
Thank you

And while you are not perfect
(For not you, nor I can be)
I know, at least this to be true:
Thank you
For being so brave
So beautiful, so you

There would be
No baby E, without me
But there would be no me,
Without you
So thank you

For everything
For the things I know
The air I breathe...
The lessons you taught
That will never leave me
Thank you

 photo Signature_zpscb5f9b1e.png

Me as a newborn

 My mom and I in 2009


  1. My mom passed suddenly 5 years ago so I really appreciate this beautiful post :-)

  2. What a beautiful post! <3