So, My Husband "Food Cheated" On Me...

In our entire marriage (four years this June!), I've always been the cook. I love cooking and baking, and (*ahem* pre-baby) some days would spend 6 hours in the kitchen preparing a meal. Cooking has always been a labor of love for me. I didn't inherit that from my mother! She hates cooking with a passion, and if she could afford to feed herself, my father, and my four siblings (all still at home) on take out for every meal, she'd do it!
My husband has never liked having to leave work to get lunch. When we first started living together, I was absolutely horrified by his kitchen. He owned a packet of "Italian Seasoning," salt, pepper, and garlic powder. He had no knifes proper for cutting vegetables, and had 3 flimsy knives from Walmart instead that I couldn't even cut a carrot straight with. There was very little else in that kitchen! I hit my threshold for as much as I could take when I watched him prepare his own lunch for the first time. Two pieces of bread, a giant chunk of tomato (seriously, a tomato cut in half and one half put onto the sandwich), a couple bricks of cheddar, mayo, and a leaf of lettuce.

I can't let him make his own food, I thought, shaking my head as he wrapped this poor excuse for a sandwich up into saran wrap.

So for almost every single meal, Jay ate my cooking for dinner, and would take leftovers for lunch the next day. The first time it happened, I think it was five or six months after we got married. He returned home from work with his lunch untouched. "What happened?" I asked. My husband can't skip a meal. I'm positive he'd burst into a ball of flames. He's always ravenously hungry at every meal. He mumbled something about how someone had brought him lunch. That their wife had made. And so the meal I had spent hours preparing for him, which he had left out all day, went into the garbage. I admit, I felt a bit betrayed.

Months went by, and things continued as usual. I cooked, Jay ate. We had our routine, and it worked for us. I grew up eating a lot of variety, and trying all kinds of ethnic foods. It wasn't until I was in my teens that I realized not all people do the same. I would often recount a memory of a great restaurant or meal to my husband, as I can't seem to find as many places to love here in Edmonton. So, one day, after such a conversation, he said how nice it would be to have Korean bi bim bap. Which is, traditionally in Korea, just a bunch of items sitting in your fridge mixed up in a bowl with rice. Now it's a little more sophisticated than that! It's generally carrots, bean sprouts, tofu (or fish or chicken), cucumber, and kimchi, all cooked and prepared separately as their own dish, and nicely placed on top of a bed of rice in their own section. The person then mixes everything together themselves, and adds soy sauce, fish sauce, or hot sauce if desired.

The next day, I decided to give it a shot, even though I had never made it before. This was one of those meals that took me six hours to prepare. But Jay came home, and he absolutely loved it. So it was well worth all the work, even if my feet were a bit tired from standing so much! I had taken care to prepare enough so that he had enough for lunch, and nicely put together his lunch container.

That evening, he came home. I went to put his lunch container into the sink to be washed. When I lifted the lid of his lunch bag, I notice the container was still full. A co-worker had bought him Subway, and then someone else gave him a few slices of pizza. So he was simply too full to eat any of his lunch. I wasn't amused. Again, it had been out all day, so it wasn't safe to eat anymore. So even though he tried to argue it was still okay, and I could eat it for lunch the next day, I threw it out. I spent at least an hour being pretty annoyed. Why did I even bother? I thought. I put all this time into cooking, and he doesn't even appreciate it. And to add insult to injury, he doesn't pass up his lunch for really good food, but Subway cardboard and cheap pizza!

I don't think he realized why I was upset. Nor did he bother to try to resolve it. I just decided to let it go.

In the years since, there's only been maybe two other times the food cheating has occurred. But I think they actually bothered me the most. Since my teens, I have been cooking. I would cook for my family of eight on a regular basis to give my mom a break. I always prided myself in being a better cook than my mother.

My grandpa loved my cooking, and he didn't hide the fact. He'd sit there, beaming as he ate, and tell me what a good cook I was. I didn't let it go to my head. My grandpa was a wonderful, if not predictable, man. Sadly, he passed away two years ago at the ripe age of ninety-two (weeks from his ninety-third birthday). But I have so many fond memories of his little quirks. Whenever we were celebrating a birthday (and with 8 people in the house, that's quite often), and the cake was being sliced and handed out, we'd have to give him his slice first. If he didn't, he'd keep calling one of our names until we went over, and he'd point to the person who got cake, and tell us not to forget to give him one, too. He loved sweets. We wouldn't possibly forget him. But he always reminded us anyway, since he had to do all he could to ensure he'd get a piece. He would do the same thing for soup. For whatever reason, my grandfather, who hated vegetables, loved soup, even if it was vegetable soup. I'd make soup at least a couple times a month just because of how fond I knew my grandpa was of soup. And his face would beam when I brought him the first bowl.

I never let my grandfather's love of my cooking go to my head. My cooking skills could be much better (and I would say that even if I won an award for the best cooking in the world). Because it's important to remember that we are all students in life. And thinking that you have no more to learn, means you will be closing yourself to being able to improve anymore. I did, however, get used to my cooking being appreciated. I don't exactly expect my husband to bend down on his knees and praise me for each meal I make. But it isn't a wonderful feeling when a perfectly good meal goes to waste, without there being a really good reason for it.

So, back to the point... Two times in the last couple of years, my husband was at work, and ended up eating another woman's cooking. He'd then report that it was good. This feels akin to him committing adultery. Okay, not quite, I'm exaggerating. But, just like in Friends when Rachel found out Ross had slept with "the copy girl" while they were "on a break," and asked him, "So, was she good?" Everyone knew he should say, "No. No! She was awful!" But instead he said, "I don't know... it was different." If Jay had said, "Ah, it was okay. But your cooking is much better." I'd feel fine. But it wasn't. It was good.

One might argue that it's the same thing when one goes to a restaurant. But when we go to a restaurant, we're both eating it. And the chef is a chef. He (or she) has professional training which I simply cannot compete with, and it all feels rather impersonal. Somewhat, perhaps, like the food is brought to you magically, you don't really think of it as having been made by a particular person, since you don't know them.

Am I the only person that feels this way? I'm sure people who don't cook probably couldn't care less. But surely, someone out there, who also cooks, feels exactly the same? It's not something that comes up often, and perhaps it is because it happens so rarely that I haven't the slightest idea how to resolve the issue, or how I feel about it. So, in the meantime, life will go on, and I will try to remember the world isn't coming to an end.

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(Focaccia --- Italian Flatbread --- with olives, garlic, red onion, and rosemary, made from scratch with love!)

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Photo Friday - April 26th, 2013

My little munchkin, just waking up from his afternoon nap. You can see two of his six teeth peeking out, there! And yes, his hair does stick up like that at the top all the time!

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Peter Rabbit Organics Review & Giveaway from Momma Lew's Blog!

Peter Rabbit Organics Review & Giveaway!

Hosted by:  Momma Lew's Blog

I love these squeezy pouches that purees come in now.  Peter Rabbit Organics is a brand that makes high-quality fruit & veggie blend snacks.  They are so great for babies, toddlers and even adults!  While we are on line at Starbucks, it always seems that these are strategically placed right at my toddler's eye level at the checkout area. I noticed it when my son was a toddler and now with my daughter.  Of course, because it is an all-natural healthy snack, how can  you say no?!  Peter Rabbit Organics recently sent me a few pouches for us to review!

The yummy pouches we got to review!

Peter Rabbit Organics' is a small, privately owned company based out of Oregon.  All of their products are produced there and when possible they use local ingredients.  Peter Rabbit Organics' pouches are 100% organic with no added sugars, salt or anything artificial.  They are 100% BPA free as well.  The cap is made so your little one cannot choke on it, but they are recommended for 6 months and older.  Each pouch contains 1 serving of fruit and is high in Vitamin C.  The USDA Organics stamp is right there in front for all to see.

  My daughter's favorite is the Apple and Grape flavor!

Peter Rabbit Organics makes it easy as a mom to get my little ones to eat their vegetables in a fun and easy way!  These are great for on the go, especially for trips to the park or beach!  This weekend when we were at Starbucks, I grabbed a little bit from my daughter's pouch.  Since I am still eating on the Whole30, this was about the only thing that I knew was safe for me to eat as a snack.  Funny story:  Right after I snapped this photo, my daughter took a straw & put it in the spout and she drank her pouch.  Too funny!

Julia enjoying her Apple & Grape pouch at a recent trip to Starbucks!
Where can you buy your own pouch?  Peter Rabbit Organics can be found in store at places like Walmart, Starbucks, and Whole Foods.  If you do not have access to these places, you can find them online through, or

She was mad I kept making her take a photo!

Peter Rabbit Organics has so kindly offered 1 lucky reader the chance to win 10 assorted pouches!  
The giveaway is open to all US Residents, 18 years of age and older!  Please enter using the rafflecopter below!

Review: Moby GO Soft-structured Carrier (SSC)

This review is for the new Moby GO, which is a soft-structured buckle baby carrier. This is not a review for the song titled "Go" by the music artist, Moby. Which is good. But, this fact is besides the point, since that's not what I'm reviewing!

The Moby GO baby carrier is designed especially for older babies, as it goes from 15-45 lbs, allowing mamas and their little ones to both enjoy babywearing longer. It comes in three very nice, neutral colors. The colors are two-tone grey, black, or the limited edition barberry (which is black with a very pleasant design on the front). This is one of the most economical SSCs on the market, at just $80 for any of the color options. The two-tone grey can be seen at the bottom of this review.

My first time putting on the GO, I slid my son into it while I was on the couch, and leaning back so that Baby E's weight was completely supported by me. When trying a carrier for the first time, it's always better safe than sorry! After adjusting all the straps to the perfect fit, I immediately noticed the comfort level. Because of how thin and light this carrier is, nothing digs into your skin, or feels bulky and uncomfortable. It simply feels like another layer of clothing, which can bend and move as you do. Baby E and I happily went about our business while I did chores for the next hour with him in the Moby GO, without a single peep of protest.

Instructions on how to wear the GO, which are also included in the box, can be found here, in case anyone would like to see exactly how it works. 

I have been on outings as short as 30 minutes (grocery shopping, anyone?) or as long as 3 hours with my son in the GO --- while wearing high heeled boots, by the way. It is, hands down, the most comfortable carrier I have worn thus far. The shoulder straps, which, rather than being padded, are instead flat but wide, distribute weight perfectly. My son is well over 20 lbs, and I hardly notice his weight at all while he's in the GO, since all of the weight is distributed on the hips and back evenly.

It wasn't long before I was thoroughly enjoying the GO. It really was appropriately named (although their lives would probably be a lot easier if Google searches for "Moby GO" actually showed their carrier and not a music artist)! I've had days where I have gotten in and out of the car up to six times. With the other two types of carriers I have used, I found all the steps to get it on or off to be a nuisance, and so I'd opt half the time for just carrying my son in my arms for our errands. The Moby GO, on the other hand, is so easy to put on and take off, I didn't hesitate to use it each and every time.

From a strictly superficial level, I loved that the GO looks flattering from the back, as there's something really nice about how the crossed straps look. The only superficial thing I wasn't necessarily loving about the GO, is that it does look very wide from the front. For fans of the Moby Wrap who never minded that about the Wrap, it's certainly not an issue. It also wouldn't look as wide in the black or barberry options, which, being darker colors, are naturally more slimming. In addition, the GO certainly couldn't be made more trim in width without sacrificng the nice wide seat for baby, so it's a worthy compromise even if you aren't crazy about it.

The Moby GO really does seem like the next stage of a Moby Wrap. So it's a wonderful choice for those who loved the Moby Wrap, but have babies who have outgrown it. Imagine the nice fit of a Moby Wrap, where baby is snuggled close, and the wrap fits you like a glove. The GO is exactly like that, but without all the headache of wrapping and tying --- one snap, slipping two straps over your shoulders, and you're ready to go (no pun intended)!

Even for those who haven't used the Moby Wrap, the Moby GO is a fantastic choice if you are looking for a more comfortable carrier than the one you are currently using, or even to add to your registry if you're expecting. After dealing with other carriers, the minimalist style to this carrier is really a wonderful quality. It's easy to quickly roll and tuck into a diaper bag, a stroller, under a seat of your car, etc.

One of the biggest advantages to the GO, is how it's perfectly gender neutral. While other carriers with cute designs are very nice, I have plenty of friends with husbands who won't babywear their babies, specifically because the carrier is "too feminine," my own included! Enter the Moby GO. Unless your significant other simply object to babywearing altogether, there's no reason why he wouldn't be okay with wearing your little one in a GO! My husband, who gets squeamish when I even suggest he babywear our son in our Galaxy Grey Ergo, has no qualms with the GO at all. And although color options are nice, I actually appreciate that the few color selections for the Moby GO are so neutral, that no matter what you're wearing, it will match at least somewhat.

After using this carrier for 8 weeks, I've discovered a lot of things about this carrier. Mostly good, I'm happy to say! Below I have listed all the pros and cons of the Moby GO that I can think of:

Pros: #1. Economical (that's such a big plus for me!). #2. The wide crossed straps make it wonderful for your back (I think this might make it a very good carrier for those with back problems!). #3 Gender neutral. #4 Wide seat provides perfect support for baby! #5. Light and flexible structure. #6 Nice tabs on the waist allow you to tuck the excess straps into them, so you don't have them just dangling. #7. Hood is nice and tall, which makes it great even for when baby is bigger. #8. The design is simple, and so it takes only minutes to figure out, and therefore easy to show others how to use (huge plus if you have family or friends that babysit or want to help out during outings). #9. All straps are well placed and easy to reach. #10. The shoulder straps, since they are nice and flat, allow you to carry a diaper bag over your shoulder effortlessly. #11. It's daddy approved! #12. Because of the trimness, it folds to a reasonably small size, and can be shoved into a large diaper bag or the bottom of your stroller without taking up all the space.

Cons#1. Can only be worn one way. #2. Hood in the front pocket can be kind of stiff when folded down. #3 Because the structure is so soft, I can't see myself using the pocket (when the hood is removed) for a wallet or keys, since baby would most certainly be able to feel it. #4 May not be a satisfactory fit for shorter babies while baby is lower in the weight range for this carrier (but this is a preference thing).

This would actually be my new favorite carrier, if not for one thing. My son is only in the 20th percentile for height, and as such, the wide seat of the GO is too wide for his little legs (thus con #4, mentioned above)! The result is that one of his legs can bend comfortably, but the other is stuck hanging straight. For taller babies, this isn't an issue. I initially thought the fact that it's only designed for front carry would bother me, as I'm used to my multi-way baby carrier. However, using the Moby GO reminded me of how much my son prefers the front carry, anyway!

Overall, it is still a wonderful carrier and has enough merits to outweigh its quirks. In fact, in the process of getting pictures of the Moby GO being worn below, my model loved wearing her little one in the GO so much, she wouldn't give the carrier back! If that doesn't tell you what an amazing carrier it is, nothing does!

To purchase your own Moby GO, hop onto their website, where you can purchase from them directly, or look for a retailer near you!

The Moby GO has an authenticity seal on the box, which you will see in the 3rd picture below. Anyone who knows a lot about Ergobaby carriers, for example, knows they are so popular there's a lot of knock-offs. So make sure that, if purchasing the GO at your nearest retailer, that you check to make sure the seal is there!

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Disclosure: This Moby GO was given to me for winning a giveaway, and I was in no way compensated by Moby in conjunction with this review. This review is not tied to the Moby company in any way, and is a completely independent, honest review.

Babywearing Profile on "A Little Bit of All of It"!

Just thought I'd share! My babywearing profile is the last in A Little Bit of All of It's babywearing series! If you'd like to take a look at it, follow the link below, or click here!

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Photo Friday - April 19th, 2013

Baby E enjoying looking at the world (or at least our house, anyway) from the floor perspective! Now 33 weeks old!

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You've Got Mail: A Love Story, Part I

In 2006, I didn’t know one little thing would eventually forever change my life for the better, in ways I never could have imagined.

Once upon a time, I met my husband… on the internet. I have to admit, to this day, I’m a little embarrassed to admit we met on the internet. While it’s become common enough nowadays, it still doesn’t have the charm of some of the “How We Met” stories that my friends and acquaintances can boast. But, it is what it is, and I can’t exactly change it!

Jay wasn’t exactly what I had expected in a significant other. I had always imagined myself with someone with jet black hair, either straight or curly, with a dark complexion, and quite possibly Greek. What can I say? I was young, idealistic, unrealistic, and in love with Greek boys (and Greek accents). This concept of my soulmate/perfect guy/the One or whatever you want to call it, was not in the least discouraged by the fact that I hadn’t ever met a Greek man in person. That part, of course, would magically work itself out in due time. Oh, yes, also I’d like a pumpkin that turns into a carriage and also a pair of glass slippers, please! Ahem. Sorry, couldn’t resist the urge to make fun of my younger self. Now, back to the story...

I used to be a subscriber to E Magazine (called “The Environmental Magazine”), and in every issue, I saw the same ad for a website to meet like-minded pen pals/significant others. After a year or so of seeing these ads, it finally worked on me. On a whim, and without any expectation for anything coming from it, I signed up. I completed my profile, and didn’t even bother to look around the website. I signed off, and forgot about it completely. The next day, while going through my usual routine, I checked my email. In my email, there was one from this website, informing me that I had a message. I went to the website to check it out, and found a very polite, very brief message. Out of curiosity, I checked out his profile. He wasn’t my type. Blonde, trim and fit, and obviously modest. Despite the fact that he wasn’t my type, something clicked anyway. Somehow, I found him immensely attractive, and after reading what he had offered of himself and his personality on his profile, I was intrigued. It appeared we had some very uncommon things in common! I messaged back.

Once we started talking, there was simply no stopping it. We would talk for hours and hours at a time, absorbing as many details about one another as possible, losing track of time altogether. We spent more hours talking to one another over the next two weeks, that it was more than I had talked to anyone before. Something with us just clicked. It wasn’t long before I was absolutely crazy about him, but I remained reserved and tried to keep it to myself. If there was one thing that really bothered me, it was the distance. I was in San Francisco, and he was from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Since I had never been to anywhere that wasn’t touching the state of California, to me, he may as well have been a world away. Months went by, and we still talked to each other constantly. Days he was too busy to talk, I desperately missed him.

Not long after, he went to visit his brother in Reno, Nevada, and asked if I’d want to meet afterwards. Without a second thought, and with my heart thundering in my ears from excitement and anticipation, I said yes.

Our first meeting was no big deal. I took him to Jamba Juice, which doesn’t exist in Canada (Ironically enough I took him to a location I had never before visited, and ended up working at 2 years later). I was a film critic for a non-profit organization at the time, and we went to a movie I was supposed to review. I remember even now, exactly how nervous I felt. I had to keep reminding myself throughout the duration of the movie to breathe. I was so entirely distracted by the fact that he was there, right next to me, that I couldn’t even focus on the movie. If you were to ask me what happened in the movie, I couldn’t tell you.

After the movie, we met up with my mom so I could introduce them. We stood there and chatted for a bit, and shortly thereafter, he left. He had to head back to Reno, where he was staying with his brother, and then back onto his home in Canada.

My heart felt heavy as he left. Ordinarily, I am an immensely detail-oriented person. I could tell you all about the little details that no one else would remember. I can’t remember what he was wearing that day, nor can I tell you what I was wearing. I can’t even remember all that much about what we said. The entire thing is nothing more than a beautiful blur to me. I have no doubt I was such a ball of nerves the entire time, that all of my attention to detail simply slipped away.

Once he got back home, we went back to talking as much as ever, if not more. We decided to go steady, long distance. The first few months were blissful, and I felt like I was constantly walking on air. After that, the distance started to have its toll on me. I was raised to be a very touchy-feely person by my mother, who constantly insisted on regularly giving and receiving hugs. It was hard to not be able to touch and feel the person I wanted to the most. I don’t know where all the time went, but it was now a year since we had started talking online. He decided to make another trip down, this time for two weeks, and just to see me. After a few months of planning and saving, it happened.

I should probably disclose a detail here now. My parents were very strict, and as such, I had never been on a date. So, naturally, I had never been kissed.

Once Jay was actually in San Francisco, I started to go a bit cold and chicken out on him. I didn’t touch him once that first day. Rather than telling him that I was just kind of nervous, I ended up telling him that I just wanted to be friends. He was quite disappointed, but agreed. The next day, I realized I had made a mistake. I was allowing my fear of something new to destroy something that I really wanted. We decided to see a movie, and decided on "Lions for Lambs." I was walking slightly ahead of him, and I turned back to look at him. I swallowed my fear, and bit the bullet. "Come on," I said, and I reached my hand out to him. For just a second, I could read the confusion, and then the surprise, register on his face. But he quickly composed himself, and took my hand. Butterflies went wild in my stomach. Once we sat down in our seats, I cuddled up to him, leaning my head on his shoulder. I closed my eyes and tried to calm myself. I was trying to preserve the details of that moment in my memory. Halfway through the movie, he surprised me. He kissed me. My first kiss.

To be continued...

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Bloom into Baby: Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair Giveaway

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Photo Friday - April 11th, 2013

Time to start a tradition! Every Friday I am going to post a picture of my son taken during that week.

So here is a photo of my son from yesterday, sitting in his bath towel after having a bath in his Spababy tub. He is now 32 weeks old!

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Review: WubbaNub Infant Pacifier

The WubbaNub (also called a "Wub" for short) are silicone BPA-free pacifiers, attached to a small cute stuffed animal.

Before baby, I was really anti-pacifier. By all means, I didn't walk around judging moms who let their children use soothers, but I feared that my children would end up being like the occasional child you see, at least 4 years old, and using a pacifier.

Enter baby. My son hated car rides from the start. The only peaceful car ride we ever had was on our way home from the hospital after he was born, and I'm pretty sure that was because he was so exhausted from his first day in the world, he had no energy to cry. We only spent a few days at home before our first trip into the big wide world with our newborn. Overall, the experiences were far easier than I expected (never seeing mothers with newborns out and about led me to suspect it must be a huge ordeal). Except for the car rides. They were so miserable, I never thought I could survive them. It was that painful to hear his little voice crying for me, and becoming obviously distraught when I didn't answer by giving him what he wanted. What's a mom to do?

What this mom was to do, was go right to Babies R Us and look for a pacifier. I didn't know if it would work, but I did know it was worth a shot. Anything was worth a shot. If pacifiers were $100, I would have been willing to fork over that kind of cash just for a chance that it may make him feel better. I am not particularly careless with my expenses, either, so that's saying something. Luckily for me, pacifiers definitely aren't $100 a piece! It can be overwhelming to look at all the different brands and different pacifiers on the market, but, since I already owned some Tommee Tippee bottles, I decided I'd give their pacifiers a try, too.

After sterilizing them, I gave one a try on our very first car ride. It worked like a dream. He looked at me while he sucked on his pacifier, and within 5 minutes, fast fast asleep. No fuss, no muss. He slept for the rest of the ride. I had finally found the key to tranquility during car rides.

Within a few days, the Tommee Tippee pacifiers got on my nerves. The cute illustrations on the back were managing to scratch and peel off with only light use. We started using them in the house as well, since he seemed most content when he had something in his mouth at all times. But when he decided he was done with them, he'd spit them out. It didn't take long before we got tired of sterilizing them after they fell on the floor, so we went to buy Tommee Tippee pacifier clips.

Pacifier clips came with their own set of problems. If clipped onto the shoulder of his shirt, it would irritate him when he tried to turn that way to look at something. When on his sleeve, he'd unintentionally jerk his hand away, and cry when the pacifier was tugged along with it and he was left without it. And when clipped onto the middle of his sweater, it still seemed to get in his way. He managed to jab himself lightly when he jerked his head forward while sitting, and he was so surprised it upset him. That was enough. The clips weren't working. But what else was there that I could do about our predicament?

My mother told me about her co-worker who had bought a WubbaNub soother for her daughter. She loved them so much, she immediately ordered 6 more. If it was that great, it was definitely worth a shot. I checked out their website, and adored how cute the little animals attached to the pacifiers were! I located a local retailer that carried them, and off I went to inspect them in person.
I returned home with the monkey WubbaNub. I immediately sanitized it, and then put it to the test! Baby E absolutely adored it. He immediately reached up and hugged the monkey, and happily sucked on the soother. Mission accomplished!

After a month of using it, the only problem I found, is that if I wasn't watching him, it could drop, and washing it can be a hassle since it is not possible to detach the little animal from the pacifier. The wash routine can be a bit of a pain, since it has to be washed on a gentle cycle in a mesh bag, followed by air drying. It can be spot cleaned or wiped for cleaning, as well.

Since there's so much to this pacifier, my chances of catching it before it fell on the floor were much better. It's so lightweight, it never seemed to drag or be too much for Baby E. And, since the pacifier is silicone and the little animal is obviously soft, it wasn't possible for my son to hurt himself with it. Because of how big it is, it's also hard to lose. All in all, it's the most amazing pacifier product I've found!

The WubbaNub is made to be used for infants from 0 to 6 months, but my son is now 7 months and still likes to use it occasionally. I wish they'd make a bigger one especially designed for older babies!!!

I had somehow managed to lose the monkey WubbaNub during a visit to Babies R Us, so I had to go back to my local retailer to purchase another. They were all out of the monkey, so I went with the adorable elephant instead. It is still an essential since, even now, it soothes him during car rides and during naps. This is one of the most important baby products I own! Below, you'll find pictures of the item itself, and pictures of my son using a WubbaNub over the months.

If you'd like to buy one of your own, check out the WubbaNub site here! There are plenty of cute critters to choose from, such as a green frog, a giraffe, and a pink bear. Happy Wubbing!

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Disclosure: These were purchased by myself, and I was in no way compensated by WubbaNub. This review is not tied to the WubbaNub company in any way, and is a completely independent, honest review.